1. WTF is it with women and coloring books lately? FFS, I stopped using coloring books in the 1st grade! I swear, if I meet one more 32 year-old chick who says she’s “artistic”, yet her sole creative output consists of coloring within pre-printed lines I am going to tear out her throat. In the old days these women would at least be knitting or doing needlepoint or cross-stitching.

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  2. wouldn’t handing your adult woman a fricking coloring book be a neg?

    you know, she starts throwing a temper tantrum so you hand her that and tell her to go find her safe space until she’s grown up enough to deal with the real world?

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  3. BeyoncĂ©, the Nordic ideal. RBG with feminine features…even when they draw, SJWs always lie.

    Malala? If you didn’t have to search it, you might be a fairy.


    1. All I know about Malala is she’s a pro-Islam liberal cunt who is only a hit with the media for that reason. Also I think she won a (((Nobel Peace Prize))).


  4. Should I be worried that I don’t know who or what a “malala” is? I’m guessing the book is also dysracist and misculturating, in not allowing its audience of colorists to pencil-in a cisfro onto Beyoincy’s african skull.


    1. What the hell happened to National Geographic? I remember it used to be all about the pyramids, the Amazon, Great Wall of China, etc. Now kids have to be deprived all of those interesting locations so they can learn about chicks with dicks. I assume SJWs have taken over the magazine. Dammit!


    1. “Multiplication and
      long division
      These can be scary
      if you don’t know your math
      But don’t be scared
      and stay in school
      cause it’s worse to be dumb!”

      I think this song is sufficient motivation for mathophobes.


    1. the British have a traditional way of handling this when they get tired of it.. they just fire into the crowd… shouldn’t be too much longer now! Geert Wilders Check your messages – the British are calling for advice!


    1. A model? Really? She is OK, but more like a 6 or 7. But interesting story – obviously the critic in here clothing style was not stopping her to mak a baby with him.


    1. Considering your children requested that coloring book, and you obliged, I would say the description pertains to you, not the rest of us real whites. Next time, acknowledge your own damn mistake.


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