1. Shit stain, someone superimposed the I and A on that image to make it appear that it is graffiti. Are you that much of an idiot NOT to notice the con job?


  1. I keep trying to image Hillary as President… Ayn Rand’s Prophesy from the 50’s would be comically on display… Hillary fits teh Profile of “Mr. Thompson” to perfection! Al we’d need is an ACTUAL Taggert Transcontinental (Google??) and a Reardon Steel (??) to make the whole thing viable… (Galt’s Gulch will be Belize? Caymans? Iceland? England?)


  2. I’ve seen a few in my illegal-dominated sanctuary city.

    This shit’s gotta end. In the same city, fast food joints are accepting EBT as payment! Fucking California.


      1. “Big Ag subsidiary of Big Pharma”

        Feed you the disease, sell you the ongoing, chronic “treatment”. I don’t think many people have yet cottoned on to this reality yet.

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  3. Stop being a bitch like your man donnie Man up Mofo. No one is going to save you or America. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. Greedy Americans are giving our country away and some of them are Republicans. BTW,Hillary has a bigger set of balls than donnie.


  4. ¡Vota! ¡Lucha! to turn this country into a commie shithole! I got used to seeing this warmed over bolshie crap in Europe. If their revolutionary LARP fest comes true we’ll at least have a good laugh watching them kill each other over toilet paper and flour.


  5. I actually saw a family of wetbacks turned away from the polls when I went to early voting in Texas. I had a good laugh at them thinking they could vote wothout speaking English, without ID, and they actually thought that their 8 year old would be allowed to vote.

    Seeing their attempt at perverting the course of my nation thwarted brought a smile to my face. I hope they’re being delorted at gunpoint as you read this.


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