1. I’m pretty sure these are chicks who identify as dudes who are wearing dresses to prove a point about how clothing isn’t gender based even though they’re actually dyke tomboys in dresses something something complete and total faggotry.


    1. Ugly – I think that’s at the heart of the problem. In the past, homelier people acknowledged their genetic hand but still did what they could to make themselves as presentable as possible. But now we elevate ugliness, degeneracy, depravity, etc. over the beautiful, the virtuous, the noble and the good. Just compare a modern “sculpture” to the Pietà to see how low we’ve sunk.


  1. BRIGHT SIDE: They will never get to reproduce.. and if, somehow, there is some method of fertilization that is successful, their kids will probably wake up in the middle of the night and kill them in their sleep!


  2. Is the one on the left a Little Person? The proportions seem off*. The one on the right has a terrible chin and a sloping away forehead. Poor thing should have chosen better genetic donors.

    Hate ratio at 79.9%, so there’s some hope.

    *I refuse to even look for the video to find out more.


      1. 1. I prefer Little People. It’s funnier, as if they’re real-life Keeblers.

        2. Your reply is an excellent example of the fact that it’s not just proglodytes who use point-and-shriek virtue signaling. They think they’re fucking hardcases when they do it, too.


      1. The way you posted it, you’d also need to post your IP address and allow full file sharing priveleges for everyone else to view it.


  3. The bitch he/she thing on the left, named Milo Stewart, has some of the most annoying youtube videos. A liberal SJW and a self proclaimed communist, trans, asexual person. She is the personification of decline of America.


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