1. this picture doesn’t belong here. this man has a wife & 3 sons. and he has a job. and he married within his race. and he is a republican. he assimilated which is what immigrants are supposed to do when they get here.

    there are literally a million better (worse) pictures to post here.

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  2. Urgh, truly disgusting.

    Gotta admit though, while the one in the back is probably doubly deserving of the rope on the day, the other two might be doing alright (at least with NE Asian chicks). And that haircut is probably disqualifying to actual American women, so there’s that.


    1. I notice the logo of the Selective Service System. Isn’t it some kind of ethical/legal violation to link a government agency to a partisan political campaign? Vote for Hillary or we’ll draft you!

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  3. As much as I love watching Trump shiv these shitlibs I look forward to the day when politicians don’t even talk to the ‘main stream media’ (lol) because they realize there is more of an audience on the internet.

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  4. Anecdotally, some immigrants, perhaps including the parents pictured above, are starting to feel a little sorry they came to America. For what profits a man, if he should gain a McMansion and a state Senate seat, but lose his sons’ souls?


  5. This ad, aside from the girly boys in back ,is actually painful for me. I used to think that the boat people were a genuine asset. Now I see them as yet one more instrument of the racial dispossession of my people. I wish that I, and people like me, had shown more racial awareness and foresigt in the past.


  6. That family looks as American as scorpion pie ( I’m not sure where those people are from but they actually eat scorpions in places like Vietnam,)

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  7. Speaking of Hanoi, I saw some right-column news thumbnail Sat. afternoon flash by on the screen…and I thought it said Jane Fonda, pushing 80, had made her journey to the new circle of hell built especially for her.

    Looked it up. Damn, not true yet.

    She’s got more testosterone than the entire bouquet of wilted lilies in the photo above.


  8. The biggest issue with Asians in Asia is the lack of balls. But the ones that come here are almost invariable the ones with a brass pair. And Asians are based when it comes to blacks. This guy is on our side

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