1. When blacks cannot compete on a fair playing field, they try to belittle or destroy the thing that ‘oppresses’ them. Whether it is a suburban swimming pool, a nice downtown shopping mall, etc. Here, they are destroying an organized classroom. Making a mockery of it is their way of saying that their failures are due to Whitey’s stupid rules and biased books, not them. Oh no, not them. Vibrancy, the bell tolls for thee.

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  2. a “College education” is just another method of enslavement the govt uses to entrap the poor and minorities into voting for leftists – the blacks had started making money and drifting off the Democrat Plantation, so the Democrats sent them to college to get worthless degrees in “Black Studies,” Art History or Social Work. This way the Dems can continue to blame “Whitey” for not hiring them AND AND AND keep them either in the low-pay & low-skill jobs to pay off their student debt or BACK into public housing – meanwhile, crushed by student loan debt, they vote for the Democrat that promises to pay-off the debts (which will eventually happen so all the “poor” and “minorities” WILL stay “on the plantation” voting for the leftist BullS#it that WE ends up paying for).. SO LONG, AMERICA!!! YOU WERE A GREAT IDEA ONCE!!

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    1. Where can I send a cash donation to that young white fellow?
      When I think things can’t get worse, they do. Dancing on school desks? And the fellow ignored, tolerated it as long as he could until the she beast violated his space, then gravity took over.

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  3. I used to teach a computer class – a very soft course on using Word, Excel and Access just to make the students’ hours up – and the rowdiness and loudness of the blacks in the class drove the other more studious Eastern Europeans and Asians away. They simply dropped out because they couldn’t stand it so I was left with a crowd of noisy and uncontrollable blacks from the Caribbean. I related this to the principal but he said there was not much he could do since he wasn’t going to turn students away.

    I would tolerate a student bringing a sandwich or cup of coffee into the computer room, but they would bring in alcohol and whole cooked chicken.

    One day a student brought in some presumably stolen jewellery and offered to sell it to the girls. He laid it out on the table like it was a shop.

    Dancing, chit chat of the most banal and childish kind. Little actual learning went on. More than that. There was no concept of “learning” or “concentration” or “study” for these people. It is rather weird and difficult for white people to understand but the white student in the picture above knows what I mean.

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  4. First year of grad school we had to take some sort of class where they showed DW Griffiths.

    The prof assured us that the depiction of the antics depicted in the all-black state house/congress was the most unrealistic form of racism imaginable.

    Some years later came those vids and photos the ANC doing voodoo dance in the state house chamber to make the infrastructure work. Or whatever the hell it was.

    Now this.

    This is who they are. Simply. Clearly. Blatantly. This.


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