1. I’d assume so until proven otherwise. Also, free-trade, GMO free, baked by trans-sexual women of color in waste-free wind powered facilities and delivered by bio-diesel trucks.


  1. Run, run, run as fast as you can
    You can’t catch me
    I’m the Gingerbread Man Organic Genderless Gingerbread Figure!


  2. I’m guessing this is probably from Christmas last year… they have to suck the joy out of even the smallest things.
    Also they have all their arms and legs? How ableist.


    1. Also they’re so pale.

      In this house gingerbread men, erm, gingerbread huminzz…wait, “ginger” means a white person, and bread is racist because….

      Well, anyway, these cookies Chez Olorin are dark brown with molasses.

      Of course molasses was once produced by slaves, and, no, not white slaves–that never happened in Barbados, move along, nothing to see here–and….

      What was I saying? The vegan died has shriveled my brain and nads so all I can do is turn to others for the Chant Du Moment.


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