1. Liberals are only nice to refugees or to blacks or to gays for selfish reasons; because they need to have a good conscience.

    They do it for the high they get.

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      1. That may be. But the most frequent four digit grouping –in fact the ONLY four digit grouping I see is “1932.” So I’m suggesting the subliminal message is, ‘It’s 1932.’ And that year, in the euro-western zeitgeist, equals some sort of calm before the storm, or last chance, or big beware, or repent and change your ways or else year. Now I don’t know if that’s all an accident or not, or if the latter intended as pro or anti Trump (or the AfD or UKIP or what), but it struck me as interesting.

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  2. At some point that dumb broad will regret her support of the RAPEfugees.

    The old guy might be a panhandler but he will leave her cooch alone, unlike the “HASAN, CHOP!” crowd.

    Can’t believe Barry is risking escalating things with Russia over that shithole Syria.

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  3. Someone please consider, with me, that this is staged…. could it? I mean, its so egregiously perfect in illustrating the folly of enfranchising women and supporting open borders…


  4. The “refugees” aim to make real refugees out of these liberals – just as soon – just as soon – just as soon – as they are able – la dee da. Any stabbings in the corridors of power yet? After 9/11, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and on and on. Open doors with no push back or resistance. Two times Obama. Funny old world.


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