1. Jesus, they could at least have put him in front of math that made sense, this is unrelated scribblings. No one involved on either side of the camera has any idea how to math.


    1. Yes, but…

      Shouldn’t there be a White woman, smiling on adoringly, in the background? Maybe a little mulatto child at her feet…you know, that little, light-skinned, frizzy-haired negress so popular in all the advertisements.

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    2. If i maybeez so presumtulous to draw attenchion to you own ignants as heartwofour
      the confusian like pigsfeet and swishersweet at KFC!!

      Coad fo keelfilthykoons as cleer as muffugm dyumezdae!!

      That faahnn yung myan has shoad as cleer as sunrize an duh creek don faW
      ansirrreeng this impotant kweschun usin NewbIUN maff as his ony old rivuh maing!
      Usin dat derr kundalinimutumumbowjumbow …

      Fiddy aycuzz an a myool mofoCRAKKKA Devel ll!!!!!!!!


  2. At first I thought it was a promo for the movie the Martian with the super smart black genius and dedicated to saving white Matt Damon black NASA chief. But then I knew it wasn’t because the pic doesn’t have the spic co-pilot or the chick captain.


    1. It’s either Zee squared, or Zee to the Zeeth power. But notice how this shitskinned-savant is writing it all mirror-backwards. His Wunderlic score’s got to be in the double digits, for sure.


  3. Look at the size of that hand holding the pen, it’s massive. It could stretch around half a bakkaball. Or more likely grasp the neck of someone who just happened to be walking by, shaking it like a ragdoll.

    The problem is ridiculous and so is the fact that he’s blithely writing down what is probably just marks or glyphs to him – a person really doing this problem would have a notebook in his hand.

    How far do these media fairy tale tellers intend to go with this – the mythological black Fields Medal winner who never existed or if he did, it was an AA pity medal. I’m tired of the pretense which makes me LOL every time. Will Smith, Astronaut Extraordinaire (or whatever he was) in “Independence Day”, Will Smith, Colonel and MD who discovers the cure for the Ripper virus or whatever in “I am Legend” (in some Jew Underminer’s fantasy) where he’s bossing around all the white soldiers trying to do their jobs. There are countless examples of “cultural appropriation” in this field especially when the career is one that took HUGE amounts of work and study to wade through for years – judges, admirals, generals, detectives, prinicipals, doctors, surgeons, computer geniuses who can do things better than Bill Gates. Hilarious. It will NEVER stop being funny. It will always be funny.


  4. I’m getting really tired of Hollywood, the Advertising Business and the Mainstream Media constantly depicting White Males as bungling, inarticulate idiots all the while presenting woman as achievers capable of anything and blacks as intelligent, civilized, wholesome family types. Let’s call a spade a spade (pun intended) – Blacks are a violent, predatory, less intelligent sub-species.


    1. Absolutely incredible, this article is a goldmine! Seems like the Zambian race to Mars is off to a great start!

      The letter quoted Nkoloso describing his somewhat unorthodox astronaut training methods, which included rolling the would-be spacefarers downhill in a 40-gallon oil drum to simulate the experience of spaceflight. He also had them swing on a rope, cutting it while the trainees were in midair to help them experience free fall.

      Nkoloso’s space plans included sending a woman, two cats and a missionary to Mars by the end of the year. “I have warned the missionary he must not force Christianity on the people in Mars if they do not want it,” Nkoloso wrote.


  5. don’t judge/hate…this is how nogs occasionally win the the lottery. not by “dumb luck” but by complex maf-matiqz dawg:


  6. yeah, the math is dindu gibberish. it’s of the same order as that female ‘scientist’ holding the soldering iron.

    take the simplest formula, the straightforward binomial multiplication; binomials with no operand between the parenthesis sets are assumed to be multiplied by convention.

    ( x + 3 ) * ( x – 4 ) == 6
    x^2 – 4x + 3x – 12 == 6
    x^2 – x – 12 == 6
    x^2 – x == 18
    x^2 == 18 + x

    x has to be greater than “4” because 4 * 4 == 16 which is less than 18 before you even add x to it.

    x = 5 gets you
    5^2 == 18 + 5

    and 25 is clearly not equal to 23.

    x = 6 gets you
    6^2 == 18 + 6

    and 36 is clearly not equal to 24.

    you can’t use a fractional number for x because squaring the portion of the rational number to the right of the decimal point is going to CHANGE the portion of the number to the right of the decimal … and that quantity is fixed by x being added to 18.

    the formula COULD work for x = 5, but only if the trinomial equaled “8”.

    given that the simplest math is laughably absurd, i expect all the other lines are just as stupid.


    1. I’m with you on mocking the Dindu and the people who decided to show him doing math, but come on man. The equation you chose to delegitimize is a simple quadratic. x=4.772. Of course it can be a “fractional number.” Just do a search for the quadratic formula.


    2. Your math is wrong. The solution is neither a whole nor rational number, it is irrational. The equation is quadratic and has two real solutions:

      x1 = (1 + sqrt(73))/2
      x2 = (1 – sqrt(73))/2

      You must be a dindu, bro.

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  7. Sorry Dindu your man meat and your magic melanin won’t solve that problem. Even my little pink peen can do that math problem by it’s tiny self. Hey chosen ones How about you “keep it real”. Just because you brought us out of the dark ages doesn’t mean you’re not dark lol. We may be pathetic but my pinkness makes all the girls swoon. I’m the king of the world!


  8. Take it back. I actually feel bad for saying those words. I was just a bit upse…t anyway… peace and love for all human beings.


    1. The Chinese are making a move on Africa — buying up mines and land, lobbying hard for eg construction contracts — Africans have no idea what they’re getting into — if they think life under the white man was bad, wait until they experience the Chinese.

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      1. I expect the Chinese will avoid the one big mistake that Whites made in Africa. That is, the Chinese will be exterminating the natives eventually.


  9. Although each line on the board makes individual sense, (which is already an improvement on most of the ads that are supposed to show some advanced mathematical calculations but actually show gibberish) the lines do not have anything to do with one another. There is no way that the second line follows from the first, and so on.

    The first two lines are equations that have solutions, so maybe he is supposed to be a teacher setting the class some homework, but the last two lines each have two unknowns so it is not clear what is meant.

    As usual the opposite effect is produced to that which is intended. It makes him look stupid.


    1. The last line is a non-linear system of equations. It may have no solutions, one or several solutions, or infinite solutions, all (x,y) pairs. Answering the question of whether it has or not a solution, and how many it has, is a complex maths problem in itself. The other two equations are simple non-linear equations, both with a finite number or solutions.

      All three problems are correctly formulated. They are not solved, but they could be found in any maths book as exercises.


  10. The equation you chose to delegitimize is a simple quadratic. x=4.772

    ( 4.772 + 3 ) * ( 4.772 – 4 ) ==
    7.772 * .772 == 5.999984

    you dumbshits got an APPROXIMATION ( and i never denied that you couldn’t get much closer if you allowed non-Whole numbers, i explicitly pointed out that there was no way to square the fractional part of the number and have it still equal the x variable on the other side of the equation ). it does NOT equal “6”.

    the proper mathematical formulation for what YOU are trying to do would thus employ a tilde ( “~=” ), which he is clearly not using.


    congratulations on demonstrating to the world that you would fail any 9th grade math class in the US ( not a particularly high bar ).

    as restated in my ( correct ) simplification:
    4.772^2 /= 18 + 4.772
    22.771984 /= 22.772

    so, you not only don’t understand math, you don’t even logic, bro. otherwise, you’d have understood what i told you the first fucking time around.


    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about man. The solution is irrational, has infinite decimals, and if you were to include infinite decimals in the solution it would equate. We say that the decimal limit towards infinity is the solution. The solution is written simbolically as:

      x1 = (1 + sqrt(73))/2
      x2 = (1 – sqrt(73))/2


      1. “congratulations on demonstrating to the world that you would fail any 9th grade math class in the US”
        Oh boy. I have a BS in physics, a BSEE, and scored 800 on the Math SAT in the 80s (before they dumbed it down). I skipped Calc I via the AP exam, hit the ceiling on the arithmetic portion of the WAIS-IV, and have been an engineer for 20 years. I understand the difference between expressing the irrational number with a square root and rounding it to the nearest thousandth, and I was familiar with the tilde in elementary school. I assumed everyone would understand that I was rounding for simplicity, and that the approximation was obvious. There is no requirement that the solution be rational in this general case. Trust me; I’ve designed hundreds of cell sites using propagation models that were developed using irrational numbers for received signal levels and their standard deviations. Steve’s notation is what you need to be technically correct, but engineers round because you often have to put that number into a software tool that’s looking for a real number at the user interface. Any engineer would implicitly understand that the decimal number is an approximation. Depending on the application, it might need more or fewer sig figs.
        You are claiming to see something I didn’t, but it is actually something that would go without saying in my day to day work. There is nothing wrong with the equation as supposedly written by the Dindu.


  11. Col. Bunny August 30, 2016 at 12:04 pm
    I won’t get on this gent’s case. He’s just a photographer’s model. It’s someone else’s message.

    just as bitches don’t solder, niggers don’t math.

    the explicit criticism of the portrayal implicitly criticizes the PORTRAYER.

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  12. log3(x+2) + log3(x-6) = 4
    log3[(x+2) * (x-6)] = 4
    (x+2) * (x-6) = 81
    x^2 – 4x – 12 = 81
    x^2 – 4x – 93 = 0

    Applying the quadratic solution, x = (4 ± sqrt(388)) / 2 .

    All the other expressions have nothing whatever to do with the first one.


  13. The majority of physicians and university professors are white males. Try to find an advertisement today depicting a white male in either of those professions.


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