1. If I wanted to maximize my mating opportunities, I’d be female until age 30 and male afterwards. Wrasses do exactly this — when a male dies, the biggest female in his harem becomes a male. Clownfish have male harems with a single female in charge, so they do the opposite switch. Of course none of these strategies are compatible with long-term child care.

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    1. except humans aren’t fish, dave. even if a man became a post-op tranny it would still be unable to reproduce, thus no “mating”.

      at best the tranny would marriage-rape a beta with zogbux, they would adopt some niglets, and then it would cash out in divorce. given that we’re in a pre-apocalypse stage, that exact strategy is probably being done right now.


  2. When a new lion becomes the alpha male he kills all the “babies” any of his females had from the previous alpha lion.

    hey! if lions do it then we should do it too!

    right clownfish people?


  3. This fact would be more relevant if humans could spontaneously change their sex, too. But, they can’t without bodily mutilation through extensive, invasive, irrevocable surgery.


    1. And after all the butchery and all the endocrine poisoning, not one cell has different chromosomes than it started with.


      1. Yes the cell will remain the same and no matter what name we call Bruce Jenner and no matter what doctors do to him, underneath he is and will always be Bruce Jenner.

        We can call a rose “vomit” or ” shit” it will still smell like a rose and we can call Bruce Jenner and people like him Caytlin or Suzie or Barbie, they are still men under all that.

        Liberals can protest all day long it will not change that.


  4. …and you end up with a dude named Jazz who gets his ass kicked by the first dude that takes “her” to a movie and tries to cop a feel of the crotch during a big kiss… imagine the “real boy’s” confusion at age 16 or 17… he might beat the little freak into a jellyfish (physically and mentally)… and the normal boy be arrested and indicted like they missed one at Nuremberg!


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