1. A civilization rots from within. The barbarians at the gate aren’t the real problem. An external enemy can be fought and repelled (Vaslui, Vienna) – even if it takes a few centuries (Spain, Portugal). Once you cross a certain threshold of degeneracy however, there’s no salvaging your civilization. Nothing exists that inspires a future.

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  1. She wants men to have sex with her, reward her by buying her stuff, and then leave, which is what men do with prostitutes.

    I’d bet a million dollars she would argue she is not a whore, and she would truly sincerely believe she is not one.

    She would also tell us she hates men who use women for sex, that she is not a sex object, and she would be totally serious and totally oblivious to the gigantic contradiction.

    Someone that mentally deranged should not be allowed to have children, not be allowed to vote.

    If that is what women are going to do with being “liberated” then we should take away their freedom.

    When women were pregnant barefoot in the kitchen, the world was a better place.

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    1. If that is what women are going to do with being “liberated” then we should take away their freedom.


      Dear blog proprietor/administrator, please do something about non-spam comments simply disappearing for days and days — am I the only one who experiences that?


      1. More that one link (and sometimes just one) and the comment gets held ”pending moderation”. That’s not Hartiste, that’s WordPress. Happens on other WordPress blogs too.


  2. The sad thing is she’s far from the ugliest of Americans. Sure, better triple-bag that face (seems like a hint of Amerindian or something Asiatic), but she’s in pretty good shape. With fewer and fewer normal-weight women, sadly some guys might indeed end up putting up with her and her avoidant and narcissistic personality disorders.


    1. I agree with you Hanz. (Can I call you Hanz?).

      The obesity epidemic affects everything. I don’t think the American sexual marketplace can be understood without that.

      This woman is fat. Not even plump, but actually quite fat. But her body is less of disaster than half of all white, fertile-age women in the US. So she can actually wear a shirt like that, and even hold the attitude expressed in the shirt non-ironically, and *still* have a reasonable expectation of getting some action.


      1. Ja ja, mein Kamerad. Agreed. As I recall, the obesity rate among women is 40% now, vs. “only” 34% for men. Granted, that’s including Negresses, who are famously much heavier than their Basketball-American males, plus Hispanics, but still, it does not bode well for us Whites.


      1. Logically, yes. But (((feminism))) is the last thing that has a chance of channeling female desire into socially-beneficial directions.


  3. I just assume now that ALL women are crazy! Nothing more than cum dumpsters. A man that thinks any western woman is marriage material is delusional. Fifty plus years on this planet, and I haven’t seen one yet that was marriage material. They are all mentally ill, and sooner or later it comes out, just sooner with this generation, because there are no restraints on their behavior. None.

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    1. call me an optimist or delusional but I think about 5 % of women are good decent women.

      well maybe not 5 % maybe more like 1 or 2 %

      Any man who has dated a lot of women ( I have ) and who has talked to a large number of women ( I have ) will agree that very few women are not dysfunctional ( to use a polite term ).


      1. I think a lot more of our White women can become decent given some (mainly male) leadership and correct, non-Kosher, values. I hope so. Remember that they suffer from anti-family, anti-racial, pro-miscegenation propaganda perhaps even more than we do. If not, we are all screwed.


      2. You’re wasting your time on white women. Or any woman residing in the west not on an Amish farm or Jewish eruv.


  4. Is beating a vile whore to death with a dildo Haram? If not, would any Akbars like to make my day? I have too much future time orientation to pull it off myself and you Muzzies are always bound to kill someone anyway.

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  5. Hey, I wonder if part of the decline in testosterone levels in men is due to having fewer pretty, sweet, and loving (in every sense of the word) women around with whom to interact…. I’m sure the (((medical establishment))) will investigate this, as soon as they stop telling us that 300ng/dL T levels that are OK in an 80y.o. are also ok for a 25y.o. and that low T should only be treated below that level. (I mean, come on, Michelle O must have higher T than that!)


    1. When a man has success at anything it temporarily raises testosterone in his blood…the more often a man experiences some success, the more often his testosterone levels are high

      success can be at work , at playing sports, at seducing women etc etc

      in this feminist anti-white racist world white males are brainwashed into believing they already have too much success…well they call them privileges…so I think this may cause some men to not seek activities where they succeed over other people as much as they would like to

      which can contribute to lowering their testosterone levels

      but that is only one factor among many many


      1. Good point. Meanwhile some (((bankers))) feel at the top of the world from scamming Goyim and thus can grab pretty Shiksas who have been brainwashed not to have any racial pride.


  6. I think the roll on her shirt is in the wrong order…shouldn’t it be…1) shoes 2) eat out 3) cum and 4) leave. But I guess with as materialistic as women are now it does make sense as it is since she would probably get more excited by the shoes than the oral action she got from the man in question. Ah yes…Goodbye America…I don’t think I will miss what you have become.

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