1. repulsive in so many ways

    embracing and kissing a member of one of the race replacing his race; totally sick

    and yes there are many things that makes this sexual in a very pedophile way

    the passionate kissing is weird,

    the baby foot an inch from touching what looks like a semi erect penis makes me cringe

    and the not so subtle text…show your underpants, you almost naked body to young kids??

    that is VERY much pedophile stuff

    Will Western Civilization survive this age of insanity? sometimes I fear we will not, and like Rome the barbarian will take over.


  2. This is dirty on so many levels. The level of cringe is about two hours of a Ben Stiller movie compressed into a single shot.

    Do the idiots at Jockey actually think that this advertisement is going to sell more underwear? I fear that they don’t, and even the profit motive itself (which, while not inherently good, is also not inherently evil) is being subverted for virtue signalling. That’s a dark inflection point. I can understand why Merck bribed its way into selling Vioxx despite the fact that is killed tens of thousands of people. It was evil, but of an ordinary sort – it was an instrumental evil. What we have here is entirely different. This is a kind of transcendental evil, or a terminal evil, if you will. This right here is evil per se.

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  3. Are they trying to sell white men on having babies with black women…or are they trying to sell them on the idea of adopting one that’s been left behind by the black father?

    Whichever one it is, they both stink.


    1. It’s hard to tell what they’re “selling.” Maybe it’s “fondling Third World children while wearing Jockey briefs” as a new fetish. Hard to say what the message is.


      1. He she wanna be
        body and soul just don’t agree
        there’s an answer
        gotta go for a Tijuana tuck n’ roll

        he she done got………….a zipper job

        ZZ Top


  4. Blog owner–my first day here. Are you aware of the ‘so fierce’ barbie ad with the little boy w bobed hair and a lisp?
    Its some special barbie, like barbie cantina’ or something.


    1. Once he completes the rest of his hormone therapy, it will. That’s the only way he will ever get a woman…becoming one.


  5. Compare and contrast the above travesty of an advertisement, wrong on so many levels, with this healthy photo that makes you smile:


    1. By the way, it at least looks like Calvin Klein got it right, with this photo advertisement, which is much more normal (or at least not repulsive as freakin’ weird):


    1. “I couldn’t help myself,” she says. “The chemistry between us was insane. Then we kissed. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t.”
      Yeah, I’d go with insane. Burn the coal, pay the toll. In this case, in cash: £10k. Out of curiosity I looked it up: $12,879 US


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