1. Serious question: Has anyone ever met a white person with dreads who wasn’t a dumb fuck?

    Granted, I’ve probably only interacted with half-a-dozen in my entire life … but so far 100% have been dip shits.

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  2. I grew up in the foothills of North Alabama in a town of about 400… these dip-shits are living of mommy and daddy who give them $$$ to make up for a lack of attention (and have been doing the same since they were born). They like to “commune” with nature, the best part is, when they bring about the end of American society, they will starve to death in their camp – unless they are still there when some of us “good ol’ boys” show up and decide it’s a great place to live. Only 1 Question at that point: Do you enslave them? or “bullet and bury-it?”


    1. A better question might be: “Why did the deep state orchestrate the counter-cultural movement of the ’60s — a primary tenant of which was a return to primative lifestyles?

      The answer is always the same — control. Neutered marginalization can be a very (cost)effective form of control.

      One more silent weapon for quiet wars.



  3. The irony, of course, is that these “free”-living hippies can only exist courtesy of the prosperity and security provided by traditional Western culture. After Islamic takeover, hippies will be roadkill and their women will be sex-chattel.

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  4. Hey, at least they’re mostly not fat. That puts them ahead of the majority of Americans, both leftists and the ones that are theoretically on our side. Green tank-top with the magical antler fingers would clean up nicely. I’d do her once we got those dreds taken care of.

    Iron Squats looks like he even lifts, or at least does some yoga.

    Crane-Style looks like he’s probably a really nice guy, but he will have to be turned into soylent green, unfortunately. There is no better use.

    This photo isn’t nearly as bad as some of the awfulness that passes through this fine chronicle. I’d bet that half or more of these extended adolescents would grow out of it if the prospect of a career track job seemed more achievable.

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    1. Agreed. Share a White-positive philosophy with them and they’ll forget about the East and be making pilgrimages to Wewelsberg instead. (Minus the Spic in the back)

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      1. You neonazis are holding the alt-right and white nationalism back. Nazis were defeated in a spectacular war which deservedly earned them the everlasting enemity of the majority of the white world. Subsequent to their crushing defeat,the ideological ground they stood upon has been thoroughly salted with plutonium. Nothing will ever grow in that ground again. Get over the Nazis if you want to save the white race.

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      2. @DTBY I actually agree. Hitler made a lot of mistakes, especially in wartime, and not just tactical ones either, but also moral ones (e.g. allowing mistreatment of some Eastern European nationalities even though they were extremely jew-aware thanks to judeo-Bolshevism’s rampages). My username is more for the lulz than anything else. (I do think we need some esotericism, though, hence Wewelsburg)


    2. The expression of the swarthy shitlord in the Marley T says “I’m only in this for the easy (if excessively hairy and smelly) beav.”


    3. “Green tank-top with the magical antler fingers would clean up nicely”

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. There is a certain otherwise healthy upper-middle-class demographic that is attracted to this.

      I dated one once. Long story, but I did manage to get her turned on to Ann Coulter before we broke up.


  5. Most of the chicks look pretty attractive, worth banging — at least they are not grossly overweight — that explains why the guys are there, as well as the dreads — chicks dig dreads — they’re cool.

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  6. Lots of neo hippie types like this up island and in the West Kootenays working organic farms, cottage industries, fruit picking, etc.

    I have way more time for these guys than spoiled urban brats, SJW types and lumpenproles. Why? because they’re almost never fat fucks, are out in Nature, eat healthy, but limit their consumption, creative (musically, art or something else) and are usually pretty well read. They should be cultivated as arms length allies.

    The best types are the hipnecks, a cross between a hippie and a redneck, i.e. hippies that work. Rafting guides or tree planters in the summer and ski guides in the winter, or handlogging, jacks of all trades, maybe the woman is a midwife or runs a B and B etc. good people to know.

    Or maybe I just have a thing for slender willowy hippie girls.

    {ed: i hear ya}


  7. There is an pop music event in the UK called the Glastonbury Festival, which is very popular with young (and old) hippies.I have a relative who worked there this year who told me she did not see a black person the whole time she was there. This is why white “hippies” love these sorts of events, they are “implicitly white”, they don’t have any diversity. White hippies go there to be amongst people like themselves, because they get a good feeling from being among a kindred crowd of people.

    Young white people’s involvement with animal rights, the environment,and many other causes can be explained similarly. Its all about the feeling of community from being amongst other white people, and has little to do with the actual causes they are supposed to be advocating. I bet a black has never set foot on a Greenpeace boat.


    1. Look at the pic again. Much mystery meat and at far left is a distinctly African arm.

      Even the thin girl in the green shirt looks facially malformed.


  8. I see you there, cute girl in the green half-shirt holding up an illuminati triangle. I would spend some time with her in Nature. Beats living in this post-industrial “service economy” hell-hole.


  9. As much as it nearly shivs me to look at this, keep in mind the following…all the women in that photo are skinny. Der Fueher, GBFM, and I would all be not be embarrassed lolzzlzozlzzzzzzzz to tread upon those undoubtedly glorious pelts (h/t peter) . The point is, a quick shower and a thorough delousing would make those flower girls any man’s Helen of Troy in most of America..see cafeteria photo for the skullfuxxoring anti-argument.

    Also, the smiling guy with the beard is fairly jacked (no homo). I’m guessing he is the commune leader, either official or unofficial. Probably does little more than slay the local vagintation while keeping the other “males” out of the equation. However; note the lack of hover hands on the two on the right…interesting.

    Trump for President…MAGA


  10. Nearly every girl Ive ever fucked could fit in comfortably in that picture. Living in a rural “groovy” part of the country I mingle in and out of this type of world. Im a redneck lumberjack with an “earthy organic” streak so being around these types is a common occurrence. I love being around them and bashing environmentalists, Bernie, recycling and any other pet cause/person that they have. The women seem shocked and even some roll their eyes – but they enjoy seeing a masculine guy who isn’t totally cucked yet has an earthy side.


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