Retreat To Fantasy (Both Photos)




  1. Sweet mother of infertility. Another consequence of late marriage is women not getting married until their late 30s then being completely infertile/career focused to be able to handle pregnancy. So they end up adopting negroids in order to assuage their mothering instincts.

    Guy should have bought her a dozen Pomapoodles instead. While both will shit on the lawn, the dogs won’t try to rape the neighbor girl when it turns 12. This is a sure-fire way to ensure your neighbors stop talking to you.

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  2. 24-yo substitute teacher bangs 17-yo student. I know, I know, nothing new, Van Halen was did a song about that back when Ghostbusters was new – and good.
    Two things different: She blaming the school:
    Also check out the selfie at that site, we’re talking bunny-boiler here. That’s guy’s gonna regret this in a few years… About the time she starts stalking him with a butcher knife.
    Yes, I know, it can be fun to stick your dick in crazy, but later you’re gonna want to stock up on ammo and put in some serious range time.

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  3. I still like to point out to black people that they don’t get stuck raising white children. That’s a good burn for them. The kid in the Riddler out fit already looks like a stone cold pimp – magic stick already at hand.


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