This Is Forty (additional waist sizes)


She’s actually eating her middle finger.



  1. A few gems of sage advice that I will pass on to my sons — 1. If a woman has ever been photographed wearing a crown or tiara on her birthday, she is likely a shit human being. 2. Ditto for any woman who has referred to herself or her friends as a goddess. 3. Women who claim to “love helping people” are invariably manipulative, untrustworthy and usually treat their own family like shit.

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  2. The adult cake smash is apparently a thing now. Looked it up; wish I hadn’t. There are pages dedicated to staging one of your own. There are several articles about this particular cake smash. MEN HAVE DONE THIS, TOO. WE ARE DOOMED.


  3. Women loved to be lied to even by a porpoise is telling other porpoises and land whales that they are getting better with age.


  4. Can someone please explain what we are seeing here?

    I’m happy not to know, but if someone were to mention whatever this phenomenon is in some public setting where I might be, I’d like to respond appropriately.


    1. This is a trend for parents with small children, usually done for their child’s first birthday. She thinks she’s being clever or making some sort of statement on being childless, I’m sure.


    2. This is a trend among parents with small children, usually when the child turns 1 year old. I imagine she thinks she’s being clever or making some statement on her childless state (let’s hope she hasn’t spawned).


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