We Waz Quainz




    1. Maybe we start a kickstarter campaign to send the BLM gang on a one way trip to a new African homeland. A win-win opportunity for them to build their black utopia!


  1. Can’t recall where I saw it, but the idea that people who would starve without your charity have the unrepentant gall to demand that you grovel at their feet is complete insanity.

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    1. I spot attractive people. I take it that you are ashamed of humanity. Doesn’t surprise me given your lack of intellect.


      1. I take it that you are ashamed of humanity.

        Yes, exactly; how did you know? I guess you could figure that out because you don’t lack “intellect” like I do.

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      2. The point is that the attractive female humanity in this pic is almost all white and whorish while the attractive male humanity is all non-white. What other kind of women but whores and race traitors would cavort with this humanity? If these guys didn’t have money, these women wouldn’t go near them at all.


      3. GCM: “I don’t even see skin color.”

        That’s because you’re so smart.

        … and virtuous…and spiritually evolved.

        We all admire, and quite frankly, envy you.


    2. Evidently they aren’t kidding that women prefer ’em tall, dark and handsome.

      Mr. Thin-Skinned has blue eyes blond hair. FML

      Real tragedy about that Doutzen Kroes… Her daughters won’t get her lovely blue eyes.


    3. The whitemale is most important VIP of all, down below deck playing engineer and crew, keeping the yacht from running aground and sinking.

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  2. Nickelodeon’s ‘Loud House’ to Feature Married Gay Couple — The children’s TV network will introduce a bi-racial gay couple on the animated show “The Loud House.”


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