1. “How do you know we are not secretly building large ovens under ground?”

        You’re not that bright to take on that operation.


    1. My parents just learned a new term TODAY, to their horror. They never knew

      ‘Bitches and ho’s’.

      They had never heard it before— different generations live in cultural bubbles that is takes a LONG time to break. But they do break. One is breaking now……


  1. Lol. That Asian looks so proud to be a chocolate Twinky. This is exactly what we need. All the HIggers infect all the gay Chinks and the gay Chinks bring it back to their homeland and infect the rest of the quantity. That is until the Mainland becomes wise to it and they’ll have no problem turning the HIV-Chinks into tank lubricant as well.


      1. Depending on how far in the Mainland he came from, they start to look at lot more Mongeloid/Mongelgroid than someone from Hong Kong or Beijing.
        The low-born Chinese are often sub-human looking and significantly dumber.

        The other major secret of China having such high IQ results is that they don’t let these low-born Chinese take any of the standardized tests, so it brings their averages up a lot.

        The American equivalent would be only letting kids in private schools test for national averages in reading and science. If you don’t have Blacks and Mesicans bringing down National averages, USA rockets to #1 in almost every topic.


  2. “Free HIV test ” actually means; paid for with other people’s money.

    That is what socialism is all about; someone else pays (with their hard earned tax dollars) so degenerates can be carefree.

    And even if we don’t approve of the lifestyle of degenerates, socialism says we must pay anyway.

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    1. The summer may be hot, but the winter won’t. Just like in the updated fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper, the Poz Parade and their coterie of leftoid fellow travelers (grasshoppers) are so obsessed with satiating their vices and virtue signaling that they have zero foresight as to the long term consequences of their actions. When the GRIDS/100k gender studies degrees/rapefugees come home to roost, they call out for the State to force the middle class (ants) to deal with the problem. The middle class is bled dry, and the keys are handed over to the grasshoppers resulting in the demise of the grasshoppers themselves, and collapse of all the ants toiled to build.


    2. Good points that address what I call the moral authority for coercive taxation — people consent to coercive taxation because they feel the government is acting for the common good, and thus possesses enough moral authority to exercise coercive taxation — clearly many people in many countries feel the government has lost the moral authority for coercive taxation — and this number is constantly growing.


    3. The test is paid for with other people’s money, and when they get AIDS it’s paid for with other people’s money as well.

      I had business colleagues in San Francisco who argued that we needed gay “marriage” so that the surviving partner and any children of people who died of AIDS could get Social Security as survivors.


  3. Waiting for Paul Fee from the last entry to arrive here and set us all straight about the inherent nobility of the two pictured above, and why the world is a better place because of them.

    Prediction: he will find a lot more to like in that ad than he will in the comments section.


      1. “You mean all of them together have a total IQ of 120.”

        No, they individually have an IQ of 120. Much higher than your measly 92 IQ.


  4. taking this to it’s “PC” extreme, they are basically saying that all gays are whores who need to get “tested.” OR>>OR >>OR>> they are saying all gay BLACK men are whores who need to get tested – this is such a racist ad: must have been done by a white, female, single Hetero SJW!!


    1. Say what you will about the dindus and the mexes…sure they’re not very smart but even they have enough common sense not to expose their kids to this shit. They limit their child abuse to beatings and neglect. No, that takes a special kind of intellect to poz and warp one’s own offspring to this degree and smile while doing it. Truly, the urge to virtue signal is stronger than the parenting instinct. Oh well, as noted above, genetic dead ends, just of a different kind.


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