1. I was out on a hike/walk in Pacific Beach CA, this last weekend and pretty much all I saw was all the whitetrashyskank with dindu in tow.

    Being from Detroit I am kind of used to seeing this rampant disease but it has gone viral.

    Figuratively and in the literal herpes/clap sense…

    The girl I just broke up with is cool as can be but I told her date a dindu and you are no longer allowed to talk to me about anything. Your problems will all be self made. She laughed and said some nonsense about her heart and I warned her to look at her friends.

    She has several friends on the dark side and only one is remotely happy.

    She stopped laughing.


    1. Its even endemic in the South now. Saw it several times in one day. Here’s the thing: When the guy is actually WITH her, it’s a couple of Millenials. When she has a kid, and he’s nowhere to be seen, it’s a GenX women. The lesson seems to be “He gets as much pussy as he likes, knocks them up, then ditches them to go marry a black woman”.

      Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the half-black child being raised by the white grandparents .in all the years I’ve seen this now, I’ve NEVER seen a half-white child being raised by the black grandparents. Never.


    2. The picture is in Northern Europe, obviously.

      It is now everywhere. 100% game over for whitey. Are we sad anymore?


  2. FUCK U DAD!!!!

    I’ve noticed, in my personal interactions, a kind of internalizing of attractive male characteristics among certain women, and getting a black guy seems to be a kind of audacious DHV (apparently forgetting that most straight guys are straight). Maybe they assume they can always come back, and forget that the price of a women’s natural higher biological value is an unforgiving social stigma when you make one mistake. I’d guess the cautiousness is a symptom of a generally safer and victim-blaming-blamer society, or perhaps it’s just feminism/media propaganda.


    1. Depends on where that is, in the north (ground freezes every winter) an above-ground pool is the only kind that’s remotely affordable/practical. It’s the only kind that can survive harsh winters outdoors.


      1. That’s a good point.
        I’ve also reconsidered my point.

        White people need to have low-class Whites who are still White. A low-class white is still infinitely preferable to live near than mudbloods or shitskins.

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    2. They’re chavs, Brits most likely. Look at the background buildings. Which is white trash, just on the other side of the pond.


    3. White trash don’t have a decent fence, an outdoor shower shaded by trees, and a neighbor with a huge house.

      Then again, it’s clear that class is no longer perfectly synonymous with racial fidelity.


  3. Daddy issues… I would bet $1 that not one of these girls has a father in the house.. maybe a step-father who treats her mom like trash, but not her real dad…


  4. These kids look pretty young. White girls physically mature faster than white boys.

    Black males physically mature faster than white boys.

    So these white girls & black boys are on the same schedule, while the white boys are still awkward & lagging. White boys are also much more likely to be shy & introverted than the bold vibrants.

    Girls being girls, the physically more advanced & more aggressive groids are gonna create more tingles than YT.

    That’s one reason why whites should have their own schools.

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    1. “White girls physically mature faster than white boys.

      Black males physically mature faster than white boys.”

      The less complicated the product, the faster it can be made.

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    2. I think your point is the most important, and the most disheartening. The only way to get a grip on what is happening is to understand that this is already after Camp of the Saints. We are now living through Part Two. There is not one conceivable vector or trend in the whole of the West pointing in a different direction than the above photo. Imagine having to choose a wife among girls who had “dated,” i.e. had contemporary, humiliating sex and hours and hours of oral sex, with one-three black guys. Those are the lips you will kiss and that is the womb that will birth your son. That scenario is ten to twenty years away…and the whole weight of all social, political, military, educational, entertainment, religious and geo-political institutions promote it.


    1. These girls are volunteering to be whores. What are the White guys supposed to do…defend their (trashed) honor? A couple look nervous, going with the rest of the girls in the photo, but they knew who these girls are and who is at the pool party. The parents at that house are the ones at fault. The other parents probably are fine, thinking Susan is just over at Jenny’s having a pool party. Then, nine months later, they have a half breed child to care for, and Mohammed is long gone.


  5. I see a lot of this in Tacoma. Seattle is too rich for the dindus and so they live in Tacoma. Lower middle class whites also live in Tacoma. Perhaps there is a societal benefit we haven’t considered. What if the dindus, flush with pride they are banging white chicks…make an effort to not commit crimes? That’s a trade I’m willing to make. Toss the dindus the white skanks in exchange for less criminality. It’s a win/win.

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    1. It’s a win/win.


      Black children from the wealthiest families have mean SAT scores lower than white children from families below the poverty line.

      Black children of parents with graduate degrees have lower SAT scores than white children of parents with a high-school diploma or less.

      Whatever else one may say about it, it’s most definitely not a “win” for the white genome.

      Where was this foto taken? Does anyone know/have an idea? The architecture of the building in the background makes me think of the UK.


    2. .” What if the dindus, flush with pride they are banging white chicks…make an effort to not commit crimes? That’s a trade I’m willing to make. ”

      So… let them fuck our women so they don’t kill us……

      That is a truly cowardly, cuckish thing to say.

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    3. Ditto for Lakehood. I see more ‘sharking up here in the PNW than I did back home in the south. I would like to think it is because the lower dindu density combined with the local super liberal atmosphere lowers or conceals awareness of the nature of these’urban youths’. Also…women need direction they aren’t getting anymore from white men. Thanks feminism.


      1. Yep, just moved out to Spokane. There can’t be more than a few tens-of-thousands of blacks here, but they are all with white women. I have noticed a paucity of black women, I mean “sistas”. I kinda miss it, strangely.

        The black women I do see are Africans in veils. No joke.

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  6. 5 more white boys for my daughters’ suitor pool…

    silver lining!


    all that silver talk – maybe cap’n O is onto something 🙂


  7. The single most disgusting photo I’ve ever seen on this site. Here, unless you someday start featuring outright pornography, is the nadir.


    1. JRM, I totally agree. That is a real ‘blow your mind’ photo. Although disgusting, I would not be surprised at a couple White girls in such a photo, but it is appears the lead whore, who is probably the one taking the photo, and connected to the 6th mystery pavement ape climbing up the back of the one girl, is the instigator of all of this. Since she went dark, and is filth, she decided to invite her other White girlfriends to a pool party to share in her debauchery, so that she will not be the only one. Probably makes her very happy to see this. Fucking disgusting. Where are the parents??? Can you imagine being a neighbor seeing this? Damn!

      Anyone know the location? I am guessing by the style of the housing in the background, and the construction of some of the yard items, that it is in the UK, or Canada. These do not look like typical American negroes, but instead the imported variety from Africa or the Caribbean. The darkie on the far right definitely looks Somali. I don’t care about the fatty fuck in the middle, or her ugly friend to the right, but the girls on either end are a sad loss of good genes, as well as the one second from the left.


      1. “…but the girls on either end are a sad loss of good genes, as well as the one second from the left.”

        As if you truly care. There is no sad loss of good genes, just people having a great time.

        “Can you imagine being a neighbor seeing this? Damn!”

        Yep, happens all the time in my neighborhood. Why do you hate teenagers and freedom?


      2. The groid on the right gives it away: he’s a rapefugee from northeast Africa. That facial structure is found nowhere else in Africa. Which means – also judging by the style of the roof on the house in the back – this is probably Germany or Sweden. Makes sense given the exact ratio, the quality of the girls, etc.


  8. This is England, not the USA. You can tell by the semi detached house in the background,the crappy little plastic greenhouse and the pasty complexion of the girls. Could be midlands or even London.

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  9. What you dumbass racist fuckwits missed is that this picture was taken in England – the house in the rear is a between-the-wars-built brick semi with external drains.
    So this picture has nothing to do with America at all, but dont let that stop your idiotic hate-speech.
    I hope your daughters all get knocked up by black guys.

    {ed: this is an all-encompassing photojournal cataloguing general Western decline, with an emphasis on america. but thanks for your outrage. it was funny in a retarded sort of way.}


    1. It appears that much of the brain trust commenting here take your masthead ‘Goodbye, America (in a photo)’ at face value.
      Perhaps you should add the caveat: ‘We will use any image we can find to propagate racism, regardless of it’s accuracy’.
      You wouldn’t want to mis-lead your mentally-challenged followers would you?


      1. I hope you meet D’Shitavious and Tyrone in the skreets and they show you how dem africans get down. You wouldn’t last a minute in Flint or Detroit faggot.


    2. this picture was taken in England

      Just for the record, and assuming you are correct: actually, I didn’t miss it — I said above that it looked like the UK. Am I still a ‘dumbass racisr fuckwit’?


      1. Well done, you spotted the obvious error. Based on the remainder of your posting I’d say its safe to answer in the affirmative.


    3. “So this picture has nothing to do with America at all,…”

      Claims the intellectual high ground. Writes unbelievably stupid shit like this. Typical shitlib dumb fuck.


  10. Paging white men with any T left at all. Every one of those groids looks skinny or fat. Further, they are all in waist deep water. Anyone down for getting the chicks with some “I-just-beat-and-drowned-your-pet-hoodrat” game? If not now, when? If the girls can’t say no to a low-IQ subhuman, they should be easy pickings for raising the white birthrate whether they like it or not. This kind of talk is fast becoming the last resort of European heritage. Expel the invaders. Lead your women. There is no other option.

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    1. #impotentbetarage

      son, fat, drunk, and stupid is not a way to go through life.

      Don’t be hating on another ones hustle – go a make a better one yourself.


  11. The funny thing is those muds aren’t even physically good. Like don’t get me wrong, a white woman getting banged out by any 70 IQ homo africanus is a disgrace, but usually if white women go black it’s with some hypesexed mandingo for the exotic factor. But these nags are complete betas just look at the face. Then again the girls are just meh, even for their awkward teenageness.


  12. This is just nature’s way of preserving European X chromosomes. You can call it adaptation by miscegenation or womb colonialism. Remember fortune is similar to women , fortune favors the brave and early. Get’ em while their young and fertile.


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