Liberté, Egalité, Noir Fraternité




    1. It’s the French national team and there are like 3 ethnic French guys on the team (there are actually a few more but these were the starting 11).


  1. Sometimes I wonder why this stuff makes me angry since it doesn’t directly affect me. I surmise it must be some human instinct buried deep inside my genes that causes this reaction.


    1. “Sometimes I wonder why this stuff makes me angry since it doesn’t directly affect me. I surmise it must be some human instinct buried deep inside my genes that causes this reaction.”

      I was thinking the same thing for myself as I feel the same way, and I can only speak for me but I suspect it has something to do with realizing the importance of one’s heritage after one realizes it is becoming extinct. That, plus a certain level of anger for, as an entire race, not having realized and acted sooner to prevent it.


      1. Take a good look: This is what globalist elites want Western nations to become. This is what dissolution of race, culture and nation looks like.


  2. The Africanization of France — One in three newborns of non-European origin

    In 2000, 19 percent of all newborn babies in mainland France had at least one parent originating from the regions above. This share rose to 28.45 percent in 2007 and to 31.5 percent in 2010 or, in total numbers, 253,466 out of the 805,958 babies born. In other words: within a decade, the number of (partly) extra-European babies has risen on mainland from about one fifth to almost one third.


    1. In one of the villages a few miles from where my grandparents live there’s only a handful of old people left. Once they’re gone their village that dates back to the Middle Ages will be a ghost town. It’s happening all over Europe – old people dying off and outsiders having the children young Europeans won’t.


      1. Sicilian hilltop houses on sale for one euro, great view included

        Hewn into the Madonie mountains and dotted throughout the town of Gangi, the houses were left empty after their owners emigrated in the 1920s…Around 20 houses are on sale for one euro ($1.30), with another 300 or so going for up to 15,000 euros in an initiative the village hopes will reverse decades of population decline and boost the local economy even as Italy falls back into recession.


    1. Don;t be so naive. Its not about the French team per se.

      Its about pretending in public that a team with only 3 ethnic French players on it is French, anymore than a government that attempts to replace its ethnic population with another isn;t endorsing genocide.

      Public actions matter– to socially minded organisms.


    2. Racial displacement takes many forms–if the “French national” football team can be largely black, doesn’t it “make sense” that France can also remain France if it turns predominantly black and Arab?

      No, I don’t agree, but I think that that’s the message being sent.


  3. I hate sportcucks

    They give all their money to low IQ negroids for kicking or throwing a ball and worship them like a bunch of retards. How can someone be that pathetic? Just do the world a favor and kill yourself, sportcucks, all of you.


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