1. At least the babies are conspicuously the same races as their fathers. Give it 10 years: men will be pressured to loan their white or Asian wives’ wombs for social justice to the less genetically advanced. I’ve heard less bizarre suggestions from the left.


      1. Can you imagine our fathers or grandfathers engaging in such an emasculating and self-abasing spectacle? I can’t.


  2. Maybe if they earn enough wifey-points by keeping up with the housework, the Wife of the House will allow them the privilege of going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch The Game on Sunday… but only if they don’t screw it up by saying something mean.

    BWW: Where the modern man goes to pretend to be a man.


  3. WHERE ARE THE REAL WOMEN?? Not the “progressive,” career-obsessed, demon-bitches that love Hillary!!! I married a REAL woman.. when she got pregnant, she looked at me and said – I’m NOT working, I’m gonna be a mom… needless to say, I did what every REAL Man does: I manned up, started making some real cabbage and she stayed home and raised two great daughters – neither of which got pregnant, arrested or hooked on drugs… I wasn’t even allowed to hold the kids until they could walk! Where are the REAL WOMEN????


    1. Probably “I will make progress not excuses” I’m guessing.

      These guys are making real progress in making fools of themselves. Half their wives are giggling over margaritas with their friends about how well-trained hubby is; the other half probably have their legs in the air.


  4. I will never forget the look of utter contempt and disgust my husband gave me when I asked him if he wanted to “wear” our firstborn. Never asked again. That is the appropriate response, gentlemen.

    Notice how most of these guys are leaning forward, like they don’t have the upper body strength to carry a 15 lb baby.


  5. After watching the video I’m even more disgusted. To start there’s nothing wrong bonding with your infant. But…everything is wrong bonding with your infant for the entertainment and laughs of women. The same women who will leave you with nothing via the courts and shack up with another guy that will treat her like she badly deserves and treat your child just awful. These mothers should be pole dancing for their husbands instead of turning these guys into a cuck.


  6. normally I approve of fathers spending time with their children so the mother doesn’t raise it to be a “nice guy” but scheduled classes like this are incredibly stupid & yes, all these wives are banging some BLM dindu.


    1. Yeah, there’s spending time with time with your kids as a father, and then there’s spending time with your kids to virtue signal. I remember my dad taking us fishing and playing catch with us when we were little. Now parents only interact with their children if the event can be uploaded to faceborg for likes.


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