1. I thought the God-Emporer’s supporters were legions of vicious, low-brow Trumpenproliteriat whose communities deserved to die.

    Why is baclava taking shots at the (((white ruling class))) and (((media)))? No punching to the left, buddy.


    1. That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard of. I am silently memorizing it for future advice to those who need it. I will of course credit you, eah 🙂


  2. Translation: “I’m a White male and I hate this system that benefits White males!”

    What could be more logical? Well, maybe “kick me” is still more to the point. Or “rob and beat me”. That might work.


  3. “Can’t tell if pitch-perfect troll, or sincere millennial.

    He’s probably both. (((College))) has got millennials to the point where they unconsciously troll themselves, in all seriousness.


  4. What a disgusting, vile spectacle to see. A liberal is someone who can’t take their own side in an argument – I forget who said that but it was a genius whoever it was. I wish I could see this person after he was parachuted out over Africa, kicked in his ass out of the plane and then greeted by the natives with their version of welcome – stripped of every possession and enslaved in Liberia or some place like that. He’d be crying snotty tears and begging for an elusive mercy that didn’t inhabit any of the people who he wanted so desperately to “empower.” Well, now that he’d have been made aware of the folly of empowering them he most likely wishes with all his heart he could be rescued by any white people – race-realists, or even skinheads that he mocked all over the place without ever once trying to see their point or walk in their shoes. What an asshole.


    1. The moment your rescued him however, he’d go back to his old ways. Liberals don’t learn [with rare exceptions].


  5. One look at his face would tell me there is no need to read anything that he is holding. I can almost smell the pot fumes emanating from his dirty clothing and ironic beard.


  6. This is the type of Zeta male that looks for an Alpha bear to conquer him psychologically and most definitely sexually.


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