1. Look how dead her hair is….eesh! So she’s got a 2 year old and is now expecting? Looks like she’s about 3 months out–wild guess. I thought all single women were on birth control. Guess she was absent at school when they were passing it out.


    1. Oh well, she can always apply for “public assistance.” That’s how they refer to welfare, because it sounds so nice like everyone wants to help. I remember this woman I worked with (I was working my way through college in a word-processing center in a law firm in Manhattan) who was living in a project on the upper east side – but it was in a good neighborhood and not dangerous. She could WALK to work, I had to take 2 trains and a bus both ways. She had a kid and was expecting another and had a giant big black chip on her shoulder and this was in the ’80s. She made more than I did working for a partner (sucking her teeth at him and slouching around sullenly whenever he asked for anything) and complained non-stop. One day she said to me “I’ve had it with this working. I’m going on “public assistance.” Like it was just some lucky kitty for her to take money out of. So I said to her (age 19 and stupid as I was) “Well, you work full-time and make a good salary here, and you don’t have travel expenses to and from work. You live in subsidized housing in the same building as your mom and sister (each with her own place) so why would you do that? You are able bodied thanks to God and if you take from the public purse when you don’t really need it, it might not be there for you when you DO need it.” She was so mad that she never spoke to me for a week – and she could never stop talking. Whenever she sat talking on the phone all day to all and sundry she would talk about me in front of my face and whisper loudly “She White.”


  2. Somewhere along the sad path she took in life, she learned enough etiquette to extend her pinky whilst holding a drink. Meanwhile, Downward Mobility at full-throttle.


  3. Here’s Obama’s latest military combat command appointee:

    And here are Russian soldiers at the last Victory Day parade in Red Square:

    They will be very worried.


  4. Sure…with mixed drink in hand she’s giving her unborn spawn a very high chance of it getting fetal alcohol syndrome. What a worthless cunt.. In Biblical times she would have been dragged outside the city gates and stoned.


  5. This skank can accommodate 3 guys from 3 different angles. And yes, her gape is as big as her smile. She’s the perfect date for three friends with a bottle of Jack.


  6. Looks like that pregnant has a drink in her hand. BTW what the hell is she dong marketing herself. She should be ironing the father of at least one of her bastards clothes for work.


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