1. What people don’t realize about Germany is that it is basically a communist country — in all but name it is communist. Take a look at this graphic:

    70% of them seem to think government should control speech ‘offensive to minority groups’ — this kind of mass brainwashing takes decades, but since the war they’ve now had the time.

    Like all communist societies, eventually Germany will destroy its social and industrial capital.

    I note most of the people hosting refugees etc are not wealth producers — an example being the couple in the foto, who are both “journalists”. These people generally have no idea where wealth comes from, which is why for the sake of appearing politically correct they will seemingly without a second thought destroy it.


    1. From Fox news:

      “The mayor of Cologne condemned a series of sexual assaults in the western German city on New Year’s Eve, calling Tuesday for the perpetrators to be “prosecuted in the toughest possible way.”

      Henriette Reker spoke after holding a crisis meeting with city and police officials to discuss the assaults.

      Police say dozens of women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed around Cologne’s main train station, next to the city’s famous cathedral, during the night from Thursday to Friday. At least 90 criminal complaints have been filed, including one allegation of rape.”

      TPTB go on to express concern that other wonderful refugees not be judged harshly because of these activities…

      Let’s hope the women who were assaulted were some of the “welcome refugees” bitches.


    2. Germany really sucks these days. I used to admire them so much. As an other poster pointed out elsewhere, do you ever notice that it’s never a single girl staying with these couples in the various photos?

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  2. She has a look like . . . like she can’t wait for tonight.

    Whose fault is it if the woman chooses the muslim over the caucasian? The woman’s fault? The muslim’s fault? No, it’s the white cuck with the shit-eating grin—HE is at fault.

    My thinking is, “Man up, or sit in the corner and watch your woman get pleasured by a BBC.”


  3. Wonder how long Carolin there in the picture held out before she had her legs in the air?

    Her Husband is officially in the running for Cuck of the Year. What a pathetic excuse for a man.

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  4. (1) Shoot the collaborators. (2) Detain and deport or shoot the invaders.

    This is essentially a civil war, first and foremost. Then it turns into race war.


  5. I know it is anathema to even question the god-like superiority of Germans and northern Europeans in these circles – which is why I do not run with these circles of embarrassingly Teutonophilic middle class Americans, und so weiter. Nevertheless, as a “sophisticated” part-Mediterranean person who has lived in Germany, I can tell you straight-up: there is something fundamentally wrong with Germans sexually (especially Prussians), and Scandinavians are on the whole an autistic, socially retarded people. If Germans, with their penchant for S&M and filth, want to invite hordes of Third Worlders into their country to gang rape their women while they watch (and that is what is happening at a subconscious level), then Germany must be quarantined from the rest of Europe. Every bad idea of the last decade started in Germany. Contrary to the revisionist crap peddled by YouTube activists, Germany started two wars this past century and has been the intellectual fount of every hideous, anti-rational, anti-humanist idea. American nordicists do not understand that France and Italy are far more “civilized” peoples in the emphatic sense of the term. Germany is further from the upper class British ideals that we still basically attempt to uphold than France. I am personally sick and tired of Germany’s exorbitant privilege ripping off the rest of Europe by keeping the currency artificially expensive, running roughshod over all national parliaments, and always siding with Turkey and Arabs over fellow Europeans. Merkel was not so nice to Greece, was she, but she drops to her knees and opens wide for Turks. It was Germany who first brought the Turks into Europe, and Germany never fought in the landmark battles against Islam – that was a Catholic affair, actually, and the Protestant Germans and Scandinavians actually used that time (especially Lepanto) to attack fellow Europeans. I’m not surprised by what is happening in Germany – there is something wrong with them.


    1. @Night Porter, while I agree Merkel is a piece of One World scheisse, I think you’re using too broad a brush by several powers on Germany as a whole. The Germans of today are the product of intense social mind-washing and the most intensive kind of “re-education” post-1945.

      The upper-class Germans and British of the 19th century were quite comparable, could potentially have been great allies, and the royals were intermarried as it was.

      WW1 was at least partially a result of prejudicial economic encirclement of Germany’s burgeoning economy. WWII was a replay, with Churchill doing all he could to drag his own people and America into a needless, civilization smashing conflict.

      We people of White European descent need to stick together now. It’s time to respect and love Old France right along with Old England and Old Germany. They were all great exemplars of Western Culture.


    2. I kind of know what you mean about the Germans being a little on the weird side, even perverted, which might result from their overexposure to Freud or Freudian psychology. My brother was on tour with his band in Germany and he told me some of the craziest stories about films he saw while he was over there which were called “scat” films. He told me because these were so insane – we’d usually laugh about this kind of stuff and try to out do each other – if you saw this crazy thing, let me tell you about my crazier story. These things were apparently big in Germany during the ’70s and ’80s and the people were performing sex acts with each other while covered in feces and excrement. It involved getting it all over them. I’m relying on my brother’s retelling, I never saw it myself.

      It seems odd, since Germans have the greatest reputation for cleanliness and for neat, orderly ways. They are also very efficient people, and work/production is a high priority. I dunno. I had an uncle who was in the Hitler youth and at 16 was taken prisoner into a Russian prison camp. He was always a little weird but my dad said some rough things happened to him there, and I can only imagine. He’s dead now but he was a very nice guy.


  6. Ibrahim, a 29-year-old Syrian seeking asylum in Europe, has slotted easily into the lives of his German hosts, Maximilian and Carolin.

    I’m sure that’s not the only thing he slut… slotted easily into.


  7. E. Michael Jones interviewed by Henrik Palmgren:

    Jones: The controllers knew that and understood it very well, and used it to their advantage to take control of large segments of the population. I’m interested in particular in Germany. I lived in Germany for about three years; I was an English teacher there during a really tumultuous period. It was during the time of the Bader-Meinhof gang in Germany. And what you saw at this time was a huge sexualization of the German culture. There was kind of a wave of soft core porn films that got produced at this time in Germany with very specifically German themes. Like all the women, when they were wearing clothes they were always wearing [German], you know, the traditional costume of southern Germany, you know, Catholic Germany as a matter of fact; and the men would wear lederhosen, things like that.

    Palmgren: So it was like a taunt against their cultural heritage really there?

    Jones: It was an attempt to ridicule, okay, the traditional German – Catholic Germany. That’s one aspect of it. But it was also – there’s another whole group – there were films like – they had titles like [German], but there was another whole group of films called [German] Report, The Schoolgirl Report, and they had about 37 of them. It just got ridiculous they had so many of them. And I remember them. I remember the ads for them; I never went to see these films when I was teaching in Germany, but I remember the ads for them. I went back and looked at them half expecting them to be like, you know, this is catering to dirty old men who want to look at naked young women. But it turned out it’s the opposite. What this was was an attempt to sexualize schoolgirls and encourage masturbation amongst schoolgirls. Now, this is right out of Wilhelm Reich’s book. Now, I can’t believe this is coincidence especially when one of the directors of one of these films turns out – he was interned in England during the war and ended up working for MI5. Now, I can’t believe this is coincidence. I think what happened is across the board what you saw the situation in Germany was that basically at this time they did a survey and found that 60 percent of the entire German population between the ages of 20 and 30 would put a member of the Bader Meinhof gang up in their apartment for the night if they were asked. Now, this is a huge amount of sympathy for what was a clearly violent revolutionary movement. And I think what happened is that the psychological warfare people in both the United States and Germany collaborated to come up with these porno films as a way of distracting the entire population. And I think that they were tremendously successful, tremendously successful because the whole thing just dried up, and now Germany is basically a bunch of sexualized, you know, consumers. That’s pretty much what it is…It has just beome so engrained in the German psyche and the result is Germans become more and more docile the more sexualized they become

    Palmgren: When you think about it, it’s brilliant and to that extent you’ve got to givce them that, because it’s a subversive mechanism that ultimately about control, but it is designed so that the people will walk into it not only voluntarily, they will scream and grab for it because they think it’s something that is actually going to set them free.

    Jones: Absolutely. I think that’s the genius, the evil genius.

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  8. Don’t forget, part of this sick faggot’s problem is a profoundly delusional sense of superiority.

    Look at that smirk on the cunt’s dumb face.

    He’s telegraphing that he is so much better than some insecure racist loser who would be threatened by sharing his wife with a sand monkey.

    There’s no fixing it, just ending it.


    1. You know, you have to wonder about this photo. I mean it’s being used to promote “understanding” and warm fuzzy emotions about “outreach to refugees”, etc., right?

      So, would the people who want to hold this couple up as admirable examples intentionally sabotage…or, let’s say, create discomfort around, the image they are presenting of them?

      If so…then the people who are producing and promoting this image are actually counting on a cuck-mentality, covertly appealing to it, not stupidly blundering as they attempt to portray the couple as praise-worthy.

      Note how Achmed or whatever his name is literally comes between the couple, being positioned in the middle. Look at how her body language seems inclined towards the foreigner…look at her elbow and knee. The “sand monkey” not only presents a more formidable presence than the husband, but he is positioned higher, which reads as domination. The shoes are off, implying a very cozy atmosphere. The sly smile on Carolin’s face is in contrast to the vaguely foolish look of her husband, and the confident straightforward gaze of the interloper.

      The people who propagated this image would appear to be intentionally appealing to perverse ideas of interracial/intercultural cuckoldry.


      1. A couple more: Cucki’s legs are crossed like a gelding; and the sand negro has his foot on their couch – the one thing we learned from Gulf War II is how sand people use their feet/shoes to show contempt. There are too many overt displays of dominance and supplication to be mere accidents caught by the lens. They were posed by a professional.


      2. Exactly – the kraut fag’s legs are crossed and achmed’s feet are even on the couch.

        I suspect the photographer had to adjust his eskimo parka at the last moment to get such a clear shot.


      3. Thanks Alex and Bill for the additional remarks; good points.

        Looking at the pic yet again I see a formal structure, very common in arranging photos and paintings, of a “pyramid”. Follow Carolin’s shoulder, head, then the lamp, on up to Sand Stud’s bullet skull, then back down past Cucky’s head, shoulder and chair corner. Very nice pyramid construction, with Sand Stud as the apex. The shelves of books behind Carolin underline and flatter the supposed “intellectual” nature of the cuck fetish.

        A very polished and quite subversive image to convince German cuck’s to get that stud into their wife’s life post haste. “Eskimo” photographer, indeed!


  9. Someone should photoshop the headsof these people onto a photo still from a cuckold porn with the labels, “white cuck, arab conquest, arab conqueror” above each of their heads respectively. Then send it viral.


  10. Anyone else notice how large Obamaosama is? Looks like he had been wielding a beheading knife for a bit before he “refuged.” Seriously, Ahmed is of military age and surely doesn’t seem to be handicapped in anyway.


  11. She is sitting on her heel (allowing stealth grinding of her goodies), with small pillow clutched to hide it. Nice grin, Caroline! So their ‘wretched refuse’ look like Leonidas from 300, while cuck looks like he has less testosterone than a 6 year old girl?

    Glad other also noticed the ape’s feet on the couch. What a pukefest.


  12. Five stories. In three of them (60%), the poor, harried “asylum-seekers” are healthy-looking military-age males traveling alone.

    But I’m sure they’re all lawyers, scientists, and engineers.


  13. Deep down inside he is scared. She runs the entire household. He probs has a good tech job in an office and Buys her anything she wants becuz he is a wimpy beta. He acts like he is ok but he is truly afraid. This is just sad How fallen some guys are.


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