1. I smell a Church behind this scene. People this age usually know better, unless they’re neck-deep in masochistic “Take my cloak, I’ll *give* you my coat”-style Christianity.

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      1. Nah, such tremendous K-Selection of the Greatest Generation led to them raising a generation of kids in a comfort that the world has never seen before.


  2. Sorry but I hope niggers break into their houses and rape and kill each one of them. I’ve more than had it with this shit.


    1. This 70-IQ dindu has 11 children. There are millions of betas, who would happily support and love 2.5 children and their ONE mother, who have not had sex 11 times in their lives.


  3. Racism at its finest. It’s a simple statement that is a reminder to everyone that black peoples lives DO matter don’t treat them like dogs. Any other interpretation is from a person to racist to function properly.


  4. The white degeneracy portrayed in all of these pictures indicates that there will be no easy way out for our race. Only immense suffering and death lies ahead for the white race. Nature does not tolerate such unfit creatures for long. If there are white survivors at the end of the coming cleansing then they will be different people entirely to the disgusting specimens we see here. All of the jew mind poison will have been burned away and the new white men will epitomise everything our enemies fear and hate. They will be merciless men and their women will fully support them in this. There will be no conquest and mastery over the cockroaches, only extermination.


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