1. I see this all the time now. It’s becoming blatant. I laugh at it.

    I’ve been telling my friends about it, too, and they are starting to notice patterns.


    1. I have lost a few blue pill friends by showing them this stuff. Instead of accepting obvious reality, the go and cry in the corner like the little bitches they are. Fuck them.


  2. It has become wierd.. and the “moron” of the commercials is always an idiot white man being saved by the wife who is smarter than she pretty by consulting the black-female financial advisor after leaving the bang run by a quazi-Asian/Mexican Bank manager…


  3. This sh*t is getting so blatant, even non-racially aware people are noticing. It would be poetic justice if this campaign to normalize miscegenation actually resulted in more WN’s…


  4. Notice, of course – that you almost never, ever see any other type of interracial couple. Never the Latino man with an Asian woman, or Indian woman with a Middle Eastern man – or any other mismatched racial combination. Always black men on white women. The advertisements are so beyond the realm of actual reality that it makes me think that the advertisers at this point are not advertising their products, but rather acting as wholesale propaganda dispensers – even if product sales be damned.


  5. Not a coincidence, its an agenda.

    One is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and three times is enemy action.

    Just contemptible. Diversity means chasing down the last White person


  6. This site always makes me feel ambivalent- I hate the anti-White propaganda like the “Best Western” ad featured; but I love the remarks of the race-aware commenters.

    If only we could “reach out and touch” some of these White-hating bastards. No doubt they all live behind gates somewhere, far from the chaos they encourage.


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