1. OPEN or die????

    Means start shooting until every invading parasite is removed from the country.

    And then demand those complicit be punished as well.

    This country was my home. NOw its a hotel. And the want me to be the waiter. HELL NO.


    1. That’s what happens when George Soros does not make your signs for you…i.e., the truth comes out. Had old George made their sign, through one of his many subversive NGO’s in Europe, it would have read, “OPEN or RACIST”.


    1. Anecdotally, I would say the majority of women do not use reason and logic when voting. I can understand why it took a long time for them to get the vote.


    2. I never realized Muslims invented shampoo…although fat lot of good it does a race that doesn’t bathe.


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