1. The left sign is probably literally true in many cases — you pay for their welfare and other benefits, including a first world lifestyle, with your taxes — the average muslim certainly does not contribute to wealth creation at a first world level.

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    1. I just read that something like 2/3’s of the Syrian refugees showing up in Europe are functionally illiterate. I wonder if this was the case for the Vietnamese refugees that came here in the wake of the Vietnam War in the mid 70’s. The Vietnam “boat” people had entrepreneurial moxie and made it to the middle-class in about 10-15 years. Do you think this will be true for the Middle-eastern refugees? Also remember that the Vietnamese people did not carry a totalitarian meme with them, unlike the Middle-eastern refugees. They were just people who wanted to create new lives for themselves, and they did.

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      1. Well, in Germany a lot of them live off the government, sit around hating the host nation, and demand Sharia law. I don’t expect things will be much different here.

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      2. I work with a Vietnamese man just like what you described. Came over here on a boat, learned a trade, and makes 150k a year by working 14 hours a day every damn day. The most dependable man in our facility. He rolls is money into cheap condos to rent out. He literally is the american f’n dream and a true conservative that never took a handout.

        The average muslim never will achieve this because they always fall back to their victim card.

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      3. He’s definitely not the VC boatperson I used to work with. The guy would sleep at his desk, and unashamedly excuse himself – “I have diabetic.” And when relations were re-normalized, he arranged to bring the rest of his family over here, and bragged about the free loans they were all going to get when they landed. “That a pretty good deal,” he said.
        “Yeah, a good deal for them,” I replied. He didn’t get it. “Yeah!”


  2. Given the level of theology represented by the average immigration enthusiast, I’d guess that St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine are spinning in their graves at a rate of approximately 1000 RPM…


  3. The think that ticks me off is that, if these “refugees” were Christians fleeing ISIS, or conservatives fleeing Communism, these people wouldn’t dream of being out there holding signs of welcome. Where was the Left when refugees were pouring out of SE Asia in the Mid-Seventies, fleeing the Viet Cong and Khmer Rouge? Telling us that we shouldn’t judge, because the Commies were “just trying to build a new society”. I kid you not, I was there. Scum.


  4. If only I was adept at Photoshop; those two holding their signs are just begging for some clever replacement captioning:

    The topic: cuckoldry.

    The challenge: keeping it “PG-13” or “R” rated…that would be the hard part….ah hell, let’s just go ahead and say “no holds barred”.


  5. Obviously, there were plenty of worthless Viet refugees, but IMHO, the overall level of human capital was higher than the current crop from the Middle East. For one thing, the ARVN will never go down in history as one of the world’s great fighting forces, but they did actually fight the Commies for over twenty years, rather than just cutting and running. Also, they tended to see Americans as allies, not infidels, and they were for the most part actual refugees, plenty of women and children, not 75% military-aged males. There were plenty of VC refugees who were no great prize, but at least they didn’t generally try to saw your head of while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

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  6. Oh they will have plenty to “love” soon enough. When one of the newly arrived “orphans” rapes their daughter they will even be able to add forgiveness to their list of feelz.
    Absolutely, breathtakingly stupid people.


  7. If he was my neighbor I’d be one rich S.O.B.
    (Seriously, that’s the problem. Knee jerk liberal fools resent the wealthy successful few and so they try to ridicule and destroy that which they want but are convibcedctgey can’t become).


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