Get ‘Em Hooked On Pharma While They’re Young

JRM notices,

Interesting that every other piece of propaganda you see, from Macy’s sales to Bank ads always feature blacks and mulattoes, but here we get a couple of beautiful Aryan kids.

Just a coincidence?

Twenty years ago? Maybe. Today? Not a chance.


  1. Another Guardasil ad – courtesy of your local publik skool. BTW, You know what Guardasil is for right? HPV, which (allegedly) causes cervical cancer.
    So why should boys get it? Merck’s reasoning is so boys won’t get HPV and pass it on to girls – who may (or may not, the jury is out on that one) cervical cancer.
    Notice? Both models are preteens? You’re telling us kids start screwing before puberty. Very few do (it’s called ‘sexual abuse’ retards). Nice going Big Pharma.
    On a lighter note:
    Remember her? And the UFC hype machine behind her? Supposedly she was good enough to fight men – until she got her ass kicked by another woman recently. How did she take it? Click the link, see for yourself.


    1. Doesn’t look any different to me. (not a compliment) If she was getting really bad, the piercing would be straining not to spring from her belly if she breathed too deep; but it’s not.


    2. To be fair, HPV also allegedly can cause oral cancer disproportionately in men for whatever reason and anal cancer in, well, anyone who takes it in the ass (which I guess is one more arrow pointing towards Big Pharma encouraging the poz).


    3. Doesnt look any different to me. It takes a team of stylists, makeup artists, and coaches to make that dykish chick somewhat attractive.


  2. These vaccines are loaded with neurotoxins (which are why there are horrifying side effects like irreversible facial twitching), phthalates, and are ineffective. Every time there’s an outbreak….it’s the vaccinated kids who get it. This includes the Disney measles hysteria.

    More to the point, vaccines are supposed to “save” kids from benign illnesses such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, and polio. These are utterly benign to any healthy individual and will pass within days as a modest fever. It is only the biological weaklings who can’t resist these. Yet it is the weaklings (“bubble boys”) with weak immune systems who are advised not to be vaccinated, whereas healthy kids are injected with the poisons.

    In other words, the philosophy of vaccines is to sacrifice the strong to protect the weak. Parents of healthy children need to stand up to the parents of weaklings. No, it is NOT our duty to keep your weak child healthy. That is YOUR duty. If you have a bubble boy, that’s your business, but I won’t inject my children with poisons to supposedly save him from chicken pox.

    No parent should let their child be injected with these brain-killing, ball-shrinking poisons. Find a good pediatrician – many Christian practices give their patients the full choice – and protect your children.

    The is a great all-around resource about vaccines.


  3. Had a friend that worked in sales for Merck when this product came out and their efforts to make it mandatory through state legislators became public. He defended their BS tactics and the junk science behind this particular vaccine. I had previously had a great amount of respect for this guy prior to him selling out his integrity for his employer. This shit is bad news, keep it away from your children.

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    1. Reminds me of a libtard I knew/know who was a pharm rep for Eli Lilly. They were pushing Actos at the time….and pushing it hard. Turns out that caused people more harm than good, what else, but that a libtard was pushing it, well, that’s just too much.


  4. I’m not convinced there’s a distinct HPV-any form of cancer link. Nor am I convinced that Guardasil (or it’s competitor’s product Cervarix, made by GlaxoSmithKline) are even effective against HPV. Nor am I convinced either vaccine is safe when used as intended:
    My point being, what’s shown in the photo above is the common print version of Guardasil ads – and has been since I saw the first one about 2010. Kids (boys and girls) who by size and development appear to be 10-12 years old IOW prepubescent (or just beginning puberty). Big Phama and their ad agencies ASSUME preteens are (or VERY soon will be) sexually active. The message implied is ”Parents, get your sons and daughters down to the Doctor’s office NOW and get that Guardasil shot because very soon they’ll be fucking like bunnies – and then it will be too late!”.
    If kids are having sex before their mid-teens that’s either sexual abuse (by someone significantly older, such as mom’s current fuck toy) and/or epic parenting fail.
    I’m not naive enough to believe they’re going to wait ’til 18 or marriage whichever comes first, but especially for Whites, preteen is too soon. Even if Shlomo sez: ”Oy vey! Never too soon to glom some sheckles!”
    Granted, for African wildlife because they grow and become sexually active much sooner than humans, not only should they get Guardasil in grade school they should also get Norplant (and when a male version of Norplant gets developed, bucks too) because as Bob Barker was famous for saying at the end of Price is Right ”Remember to spay and neuter your pets!”

    Trump/Garrison 2016 – Make America great again.


  5. Interesting that every other piece of propaganda you see, from Macy’s sales to Bank ads always feature blacks and mulattoes, but here we get a couple of beautiful Aryan kids.

    Just a coincidence?

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  6. Took my boys to get their annual check ups a few weeks ago and the pediatrician was pushing Gardisil injections. I told her No.
    I felt like saying my boys got 99 problems but Ho cancer ain’t one.


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