If You Can’t Beat Them, Find A Safe Space



    1. Any white man who wants to “be a positive force for social change” needs to step off the ledge of a forty-story building, since “positive social change” is a barely-disguised euphemism for anti-white and anti-male actions and policies. If white men would stop betraying their own kind, the Left would collapse in about 3.2 seconds. And yes, this is actually kind of refreshing. The hate for us is out in the open now, for all to see. It won’t be long now…

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      1. I hope you’re right. I despair at times, and wish for the strength of the white man to be unleashed in all it’s extreme force, stopping of course before anything nuclear. Stop this insanity, please. They need to be reminded every few centuries of who is boss for real.

        White men can say they were trying a longitudinal study to see how well-maintained the place could bee without them, and then they come back to THIS SHIT? Oh boy. Begin mobilizing to return things to a more sane reality, and show this sack of shit government wall street partnership that you are back, in no uncertain terms.

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  1. I would guess that the printer paper, ink, the printer, the computer, the word processing program, the fonts, the scotch tape to hang it up and even the clip art probably all came from white men. Makes me wonder what this sign would look like without the white man’s help?

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  2. Open racism and sexism against white men and no one has an issue with it. This is why I own guns and refuse to do business with anyone who isn’t a white male. I refuse to buy homes or vehicles from minorities or women. I will not spend my money to enrich people who hold me in such contempt. I went to college, no scholarship of course because I’m white. No affirmative action for me so I’m last hired and then told I’m privileged while I’m unemployed and underemployed. I watch as I can’t get a home until later in life if I ever do while minorities have kids and enjoy family life. I end up paying to be out bred by people who despise me. I have done nothing to them except try to get my piece of the American dream and pay my taxes and obey the law. This country is a diseased corpse. I hope it dies. New policy. I only buy from white men. Europe and American whites are gutless cowards. Their white descendants will curse their names for allowing them to be sold into slavery.

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    1. This won’t last forever, Tad. Hang on, our people didn’t come this far, through so much, to give up now.

      “The heavy-hanging chains will fall,
      The walls will crumble at a word;
      And Freedom greet you in the light,
      And brothers give you back the sword.”

      – Alexander Pushkin

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      1. You know, of course, that Pushkin was part Russian, part Negro.

        {ed: pushkin likely played up the negro part of his lineage for the cachet. no one knows for sure how much black blood he had.}


      1. Personally, I don’t care if Pushkin played up his “exotic” ancestry in order to score some Russian poosey, it’s still a great poem. If our current part-negroes (ahem!) were as half as talented, we might not be in this mess.


    2. You’re exactly right Tad. I’m a woman and I understand why you wouldn’t purchase things from women. Most women (especially white women) are SJW’s or outright cucked. It’s a sad thing to see. In our house my white husband makes the deals and that’s OK with me. You’re not wrong, they are out to get all of us.

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    1. 5, 10 and 15 but I’m right there with you. The plan all along was to get the kids and wait for their parents to die. They’re starting to lose patience with our longevity.

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  3. The cute and varied fonts used in the sign betray the feminine mind behind it. Who do these bitches expect to pay for their future lifestyle? Black men? No, they’ll use you and knock you up and be done (you’ll be lucky if you don’t get your ass beaten along the ride).

    Or shall they all be high-earning Lesbians working those lucrative social justice type jobs, or placed in academia? Better get used to counting your pennies, bitches. If we White men step out of your way long enough, you’ll die a bitter old prune making it from social security check to social security check, if the system lasts that long.

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  4. Well, I hope the white men start to notice what’s going on and begin to snarl about it. I hope they begin to refuse to pay for those who HATE them with the white hot intensity.

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  5. (I submitted this to the regular CH site, too.)

    Hivemind propaganda, particularly the anti-white male type, is easy to spot these days and I usually pull the {shakin mah head} Greg Eliot move, but seeing the Google doodle today kinda pissed me off.


    Anyone with a functioning brain knows white males have and – despite efforts to diversify – still are the vast majority of the military. Yet you’d never know that from this Google doodle.

    Facts from a 2012 DOD report: Males make up 84 percent of the entire miltary. Whites make up 70% of the military.


    It’s not just a misrepresentation of who’s in the military and who WAS in the military (afterall, we’re honoring our veterans who served in the past, too, back when America was white and devoid of Cultural Marxism), but a blatant lie. It’s disrespectful and disgusting.

    (FYI: This was last year’s Google doodle – https://goodbyeamericainaphoto.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/google-celebrates-diversity-day/)

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  6. I SAW the spires of Oxford
    As I was passing by,
    The grey spires of Oxford
    Against the pearl-grey sky.
    My heart was with the Oxford men
    Who went abroad to die.

    The Spires of Oxford

    The years go fast in Oxford,
    The golden years and gay;
    The hoary colleges look down
    On careless boys at play.
    But when the bugles sounded—War!
    They put their games away.

    They left the peaceful river,
    The cricket-field, the quad,
    The shaven lawns of Oxford,
    To seek a bloody sod.
    They gave their merry youth away
    For country and for God.

    God rest you, happy gentlemen,
    Who laid your good lives down,
    Who took the khaki and the gun
    Instead of cap and gown.
    God bring you to a fairer place
    Than even Oxford town.

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  7. This situation is ripe for COPROP. A picture of wartime casualties from the Falkland with the heading “female leadership” and some naggers in Africa being burned alive in tires with the caption “African leadership”. Right next to this. Maybe even a sheet that says “White Men, tired of shit like this? Join the white students union!”

    Summon your inner shitlord and win the meme war.

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  8. This one pisses me off more than most of the pics here. We are not given the choice to “step aside”, even if we want to. There is nowhere on earth that we can go where you won’t want to track us down and force us to include you after we’ve built it up into something prosperous.

    I’d LOVE to “step aside”, if I truly could.


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