1. I SAW the spires of Oxford
    As I was passing by,
    The grey spires of Oxford
    Against the pearl-grey sky.
    My heart was with the Oxford men
    Who went abroad to die.

    The years go fast in Oxford,
    The golden years and gay;
    The hoary colleges look down
    On careless boys at play.
    But when the bugles sounded—War!
    They put their games away.

    They left the peaceful river,
    The cricket-field, the quad,
    The shaven lawns of Oxford,
    To seek a bloody sod.
    They gave their merry youth away
    For country and for God.

    God rest you, happy gentlemen,
    Who laid your good lives down,
    Who took the khaki and the gun
    Instead of cap and gown.
    God bring you to a fairer place
    Than even Oxford town.

    The Spires of Oxford


    1. Thank God that White men no longer fight our battles according to Google. For this ungrateful, anti-white male nation, I never will. You don’t want me, great, just don’t expect me to stand up and defend this shit.


  2. Is that true hero on the left a cartoon amalgamation of Jessica Lynch? Jessica Lynch the true war hero, who bravely lead all the men around her in not firing a single shot, willingly surrendering to her foe?

    Jessica Lynch is what all men should aspire to be.


    1. I’m surprised that they didn’t honor our Vets with a picture of Che Guevara, with a backdrop of My Lai and Abu Ghraib.

      You’re right, Google are swine. I use Yandex, because I trust Putin more than I trust the SJW’s.

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    1. There are no white males in that picture. The closest – and that’s their point, to make him almost white, but not quite – is the waving man with the yellow hue to his skin and slight slant to his eyes. He could pass as half white, half east Asian. The wave is probably deliberate, too, as he’s drawing attention to the fact that he’s not actually white. It’s propaganda by a powerful Internet site.


      1. A powerful internet company with almost no “diversity” in its actual workforce. Suck it, plebs! Hypocrisy is the right of the strong!


  3. Disgusting insult to Western man

    Remembrance Day in Canada is increasingly becoming not an excuse to actually respect the past and the sacrifices, BUT to celebrate those sacrifices as clearing the way for … for what really??

    For ‘Diversity’ and White Genocide. Its disgusting.

    The CBC in Canada was more enarmoured with an Afghan refugee becoming a Minister in the Canadian cabinet than in respecting the racial and cultural interests and past of the Canadians that Made the nation.

    Nobody there to challenge them, nobody there to disagree.

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  4. From a site I visit from time to time:

    Many remember Christmas ‘wish book’s, they were produced for Sears, J.C. Penney (back when it was a Sears clone) and Montgomery Ward (when it still existed). They disappeared in the mid 90’s, replaced by Nigger, err, Black Friday thick sales flyers.
    Most had standard Hallmark card-style covers, this one vomits, err, speaks for itself.
    If you think Christmas PC/SJW shit is something new, just search YouTube for ”I’d like to teach the world to sing” and keep a barf bag handy.
    That abortion ran every year during ”A Charlie Brown Christmas” – Coke was the original sponsor/advertiser.


  5. I think I get it.

    The whitemales completed their service when they made their final ultimate sacrifice on the front lines. Otherwise what was left over of them was too broken and disfigured to be presentable in a graphic that’s supposed to be cheerful and uplifting.

    The females were always safe behind the battle lines.


  6. Funny, when I go to the v.a. clinics (for people who can’t afford health care) almost all the patients are white males. Very rare to see a female although of course females have special Programs, Facilities, etc.

    The Beatdown just never stops in America. Oh, it pauses for one day a year while fat hypocrites across the nation pretend to ‘honor veterans’ and bemoan that ‘so little is done’ blah blah. Then they go back to the hog-trough and the Beatdown re-commences.

    Google again makes it clear that our oppressors are within.


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