Google Celebrates Diversity Day

Story. (h/t: Reader Mel Gibson.)



      1. The funny thing is that the veterans I know who actually fired shots in anger don’t really give a shit besides free meals at Olive Garden, Applebee’s and Bob Evans.


  1. I bet you idiots are still using Google as a search engine.

    I’ve moved over to Bing/DuckDuckGo already and only use my google account because I started commenting at Alphagameplan with it.

    At least refuse to use their fucking search engine. Bing is almost just as good.


    1. I use “Yandex” myself. Yeah, it’s Russian, and the FSB probably monitors it 24/7, but at the moment, I’m more worried about the NSA and SJW’s than the Russkies right now, and you’re spared all the PC bullsh#t.


  2. Google sucks. I’m surprised they actually acknowledged Vets Day. If they really wanted to honor the people in the US military then they’d be more stringent in taking down jihadi vids on YouTube. Fuck Ser-GHEY, Larry, and that crook Eric Schmidt.


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