1. Every male has a responsibility to use these toilets with the doors unlocked and the stall doors open whilst pinching a particularly putrid grinder. Seriously. Women of all stripes (lesbians, straight, feminists, etc.) are horrified over the notion of taking a shit in a public restroom. They simply will not do it and find the whole notion that men CAN do it amazingly disgusting.

    So… They want gender neutral bathrooms? Let them stew in it.


    1. Yeah, make sure that you piss all over the seat, too, before you go. I predict that this will last about fifteen seconds after some Dean of Womyn’s Studies sits down in a cold puddle of liquid gold. You would think that even SJW’s could see how stupid this is…


      1. nah, man, the next step for them would be to regulate that all men must sit when using the restroom under penalty of castration. i am not kidding, btw


  2. “All” genders welcome.

    As if this cuckserva-shitlibbery couldn’t be any worse they have to insinuate there are more than 2 genders.

    Civilization is headed for a singularity of brown low IQ asexual humanoids with 2 dicks, 3 boobs, 4 vaginas and one giant asshole.


  3. We’ve seen this one before….

    – attention-whoring and narcissism (she even tagged it #divorceselfie)
    – hamster rationalization
    – a male who lacks self-respect, and smiles with his mouth half-open like the beta faggot he is
    – celebration of failure

    The hamster gets stronger in the story:


    Enjoy The Decline.


  4. Women have the potential to be far, far nastier than men in some ways; despite the old trope that says men’s restrooms are dirtier…having to experience them on the toilet will only serve to make them less appealing than they are already.


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