1. Aw geez, he looks like he’s (assuming it’s a he) is PROUD to be bringing her her ‘feminine hygiene products’. When I’ve had to buy them, it’s just another item to throw in the cart then put on the belt.
    Just as routine as any other item when shopping.
    BTW, I agree, very punchable.


  2. “Have you seen a more punchable shitlib face?” The Germans call it “Backpfeifengesicht” – a face badly in need of a fist.


    1. yeah the irony in the fag’s words is hilarious. women are so helpless that they cannot even be trusted to carry tampons. men must do that for them, too. it’s not just helping them do their 1 pullup in the army and stuff like that.


  3. I used to carry a stash of tampons. Every couple of weeks, I’d hide one in a coworker’s work truck (under the seat, in a toolbox). Sometimes it took several days for them to find it, but it always got a laugh.
    Try it.


  4. This behavior is sick. Fundamentally sick. Why not carry around Depends too??

    This attention seeking, dependence seeking, egoistic status displaying is a sign of a coercive sickness.

    None of this is admirable. Call it out for what it is. Sick.

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  5. Now, now, he might be buying those tampons to put in his backpack for a camping trip. As sterile fabric, they can be used to make water filters or tinder.

    …Oh, who am I kidding?


  6. Where is the call for women to carry cans of Jock-itch Spray for the men in their lives and being proud to help out a brother when our balls itch? Sometime a woman’s touch is needed in scratching certain itches – Sisters of Mercy!


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