1. Always always respond to this nonsense with a sarcastic but still playful “I’m an independent maaaan!”

    If they don’t feel some humiliation or silly shame they are orcas too far gone to save


  2. What a cissomething hatebag — using all those paleopatriarchical genderwords, like “she” and “is” and ((shudder)) “woman”. BURN THAT WITCH AND MAKE SOAP FROM HER FAT! BUT NOT IN THAT ORDER OF COURSE!

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  3. If you cannot be a thin, attractive woman, makeup lies to pretend that you are just as good, or desired. Just to be safe though, buy a few cats. On a more serious note, maybe some of these women, even the fatties amongst them, would feel more “empowered” if they actually did something useful for once in their lives, like have a few healthy white babies. Maybe mate with some skinny men, and the fat gene will be evened out a bit. Anyone have any science on that issue –> fat woman + skinny man = average-sized child?

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    1. No “fat gene” can explain the modern explosion in fatassery. I always see fat women (or even couples) with normal, skinny kids. Obesity is caused by mental defects, easily corrected by bullying and fat-shaming.
      Also, you never see any people with “glandular problems” in old Auschwitz photos. If you want to be thin, you can be. Just put down the damn spork and exercise a bit.

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      1. Up to 85% of overweight or obese adults are so because of behavior and environment. The rest is disease or genetics.

        Never let a fatty or idiot tell you otherwise.


  4. What the hell is it with the Northern latitudes creating neutered, genderless individuals? Between Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, I can’t decide which peoples mutilated their genitals first.


    1. My money is on Sweden, with Canada a close second. Canada may be worse though, objectively, as they could see the race problems right below their southern border, but had the hubris to believe that THEY could make it work differently because THEY are better than the whites in the USA. Reality hurts, though, eh?


      1. Now Icleand has joined the ranks of cultural cuckoldry. Actively trying to recruit and accept into their borders Lybian and Syrian refugees. These people can’t live in that environment. Their pigment alone prevents them from generating enough Vitamin D – from the little sun thats present. Without this – they are setting themselves up for mental illness due to the deficiency. Couple that with the immense cultural differences and its a recipe for disaster


  5. Dread and fat shaming do wonders at keeping your woman in good shape. Acceptance and empowerment are absolutely the worst thing for these poor broken souls masquerading as “empowered womyn”


  6. “Empowered” — the touchstone of bullshit. Whenever you see that ridiculous, feminist/statist word, you can be certain that everything preceding it were lies intended to control and exploit you, and you can safely stop reading.


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