Church of Latter-day Cucks

“The community” = the children of illegal migrants.



  1. I’m reminded of the pastors in The Camp Of The Saints. As in the novel, the orcs will tolerate these traitors until they are no longer useful. And then…

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    1. Camp of the Saints is such an outstanding novel. Respail was of course prophetic, but also insightful into the cuck like nature of the traitors.

      Payback will be a bitch. We will not forget.

      Somehow this brilliant novel must be made into a movie to counter the Holllywood PC garbage.


  2. Lots of very well fed looking Mestizo, err, women there. Who despite that are really needy.

    And when Trump said we weren’t getting the best immigrants from Mexico, he was wrong exactly how?

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    1. He;s only wrong because in the PC Diversity world, speaking the truth is a crime if it disagrees with the agenda.

      The First rule of ‘Diversity’: Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.

      The Second Rule of ‘Diversity’: Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity’


    2. Isn’t that the sad thing about all of this (“sad”, as in disgusting) – the Democrats want these uneducated illegals for Dumbocrat votes (because white liberals don’t breed, and there are too few blacks on the plantation to counter the conservative white vote), the Republicans want them to satisfy the traitorous profit-uber-alles Chamber of Commerce crowd, and the lame churches want them to fill all the empty pew seats so that they can pretend that they are doing “God’s work” on earth.

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    1. Apparently he is excited that the institutionalized race replacement program is working so well.

      Legal or illegal this has long passed the point of being called “immigration”, it is now a full on race replacement program.

      The same is happening in every white nation and our tax dollars pay for this -it i the law – and we are expected to celebrate our demise ( as that libtard with his exclamation points does)

      We are that deep in this insanity that half the population is actually celebrating the demise of their own race.


  3. Christian churches that support immigration are committing suicide. For Christians, suicide is a mortal sin. Ergo, any church that supports immigration exists in a state of heresy.

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  4. You want to see a cackle to losers – see ANY photo from your workplace of the losers with the lame “Live United” (United Way) t-shirts on! Truly disgusting. Whites give, blacks and browns take. No thanks. I only give out money when I KNOW who will be getting my money.


    1. Lower life expectancy, but higher medical costs — paid for by your friendly neighborhood YT. All together now kids, “Thanks, Wyyyy-Teeeeeeee!”


  5. When I was unemployed I was essentially told to fuck off and labeled lazy and stupid by a church. Nice to know they have money to burn when it comes to single moms and illegals. This is why I will never give any money to a church. I can’t wait for the time when these parasites turn on the hosts.


  6. Why is this asshole’s name and face blurred?

    This is Brandon Edwards, Evangelism and Outreach Minister at Lewisville Church of Christ in Lewisville, TX.

    Folks, this is why we will never get on board with Christianity. Christianity is a debased, degenerate, nihilistic religion, which is precisely what you would expect from something derived from Jews and Judaism. And here is proof.

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  7. Don’t these people have any shame?

    I’d have to be in some desperate straights before accepting handouts of any kind. When you see pictures of white guys in suits lined up at soup kitchens during the Great Depression, they looked they didn’t want to be there. These peasants don’t care–hey, free shit! Gimme gimme

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  8. Mormons know how to have a traditional family better than anyone. Mormon wives are SERIOUSLY the best, most tradwives ever. I’m not joking.

    Sadly the higher-ups of their chuck pushes this cuckery down on them and makes them help spics and blacks


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