1. “we only require recompense for any and all benefits they reap from women, INCLUDING taking up our time and energy for ANY and ALL REASONS. If they seek nothing, then there is nothing to discuss. And that should also mean they never interact with or go near any woman, ever again.”

      So, these bitches want a world where all women become paid like escorts or phone sex hotlines at all times whenever they (platonically) interact with males? I guess their smartphones will have an app similar to the fare meter in taxi cabs whenever a man approaches them in the club, texts them, or tries day “gaming”.

      Oh, and there’s an anti-white race angle as well:

      “MVC: One thing that we often see in reaction to trending hashtags is backlash from mainstream feminism, so let’s talk about the reactions of white women to this and —

      [lots of overlapping chatter]

      Bardot: It’s been privileged vanilla bitches who have never had a threat to their existence –

      MVC: Wait, we never even asked the question yet –

      Lauren: I swear to God white women have been the biggest demographic upset over this, including the wife bonus and all ideas about receiving payment for otherwise expected and entitled labor.”


  1. Is the Cathedral sensing impending doom with the never ending NAM horde onslaught??
    This article from a loony left publication is a subtle but straight up Aryan propaganda for a Nazi-esque breeding program. Amazing. Perhaps Jews have realized that they can live around white bubbleheads and their pretty wives better than endless ghetto sprawls.One can hope.



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