White Lives Shattered



  1. This is America. Simple. Clueless, foppish, bobblehead whites amazed when they are victimized by dumb, impulsive savages. The normal retreat deeper and deeper into themselves and smaller communities interacting little with the real AMerica. Meanwhile bobblehead whites and traditional try harders continue to work ever more garbage jobs for less pay to sustain the pure uselessness of NAMs. The fact that the white birthrate is not 0 is testament to the power of sex and people simply not knowing what else to do with the hollowed out shell of modern life.

    This woman was beautiful, but typically SWPL, complete with pansy doofus boyfriend and pozzed outlook. The cameraman was a typical mid 20s white guy who was raised to work in the system but was starting to feel the triviality of it all (He told his fiancée he was leaving the “news” soon). Now it appears a violent diversity hire who couldn’t even hack it in affirmative action land surrounded by poofters whose whole purpose in life is to prop him up decided he would just World Star 2 randoms from work in broad daylight. He even posted it on Facebook. 3 white peoples’ live ruined for what? Yet, nothing will happen. Life will continue. People will still go to Wal Mart and fry meat to feed the horde of cretins who are too stupid to live.

    I only hope I live to see the day when the last fascist uprising happens, however short lived it may be, where as many clowns and degenerates are slaughtered for sport. I am done with this nation, it’s people, and it’s helplessness.


  2. i was tracking gawker’s commentariat this morning and they were crowing with glee that the shooter would be revealed to be a white, male right-winger. in fact, when gawker first posted a photo of the alleged shooter, they posted a photo of an some innocent white guy. imagine their collective disappointment in realizing that a “son of obama” was responsible for the killing. btw, there was some chatter that the female reporter may have previously dated or been intimate with the killer…

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  3. Will Trump bring this up? Of course not. It doesn’t fit his narrative.

    If only we had a president who would expose all these NAM degenerates, then would we really have a “white awakening”.

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  4. But .. ‘Everything is NOW okay’!!! Right???

    So back to normal folks. Nothing to see here!!!!

    And therein lies the problem. Diversity means chasing DOWN the last white person.

    And until whites say NO MORE— nothing will be resolved and this tragedy will go unresolved.


      1. If you care more about the American medalist count in the Olympics and the championships of grown men playing schoolyard ball games, then diversity might be considered a strength here.


      2. “If you care more about”

        I don’t. I got fed up with the ghetto-ization of sports — especially the NBA, NFL, college football and basketball (“student athletes” — yeah, sure) — and stopped paying attention years ago.

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    1. As I remarked in a previous comment, the day after the American people are disarmed, a low-level genocide will start, and it will pick up speed rapidly. The hatred, demonization, and dehumanization is already in place, as the events we see depicted above prove. Anyone of European ( or for that matter, East Asian) descent who advocates “gun control” is knowingly or unknowingly complicit in the future destruction of their people.

      There a lots of other things we need to do in this country, but staying armed and closing the border are the sin qua non; without doing these things, nothing else is possible. As Curtis Yarvin once put it. Mogadishu is out there, just waiting for you and your family…

      Hang on to your hats, folks, it’s going to be a wild ride.


  5. Arm yourself. Ak or Ar…buy what you can now. You dont want to be empty handed when the economy collapses, food stamps run out, and these savages have no new material goods to show their friends on instagram.


    1. Agreed. The problem is, people never believe that it’s going to happen to them, it all seems so surreal until it starts. There are always excuses put forward by the victims as to why it can’t happen here… “Germany is the best educated country in Europe….Stalin needs the peasants, no matter how much he may dislike them…Mao is just an agrarian reformer…Yeah, the Hutu talk big, but it’s all hot air…Our blacks here in South Africa are different…”

      Various groups of people kept mouthing this crap right up until the killers came for them. I’d be willing to bet that some of them died not believing that it was really happening.

      It can happen, and it can happen here. Believe it.


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