1. Qunt’iquisha is giving the family a preview of her role in the Black Pimpin’ Jesus Nativity Hoe Show.
    Obviously, she’s taking a liberal interpretation of the Virgin Mary.


  2. at christmas with the hole family there. people smiling. this is why i’ve been annoyed at the recent influx of “diversity” in my neighborhood.


    1. What, you don’t approve of the noisy nigger music at all hours of the day and night, dindus wandering aimlessly and loitering, trash in the streets, an increase of police activity and a constant shortage of skittles, red hots and grape drank?
      You muss be rayciss n shit.


  3. See this isn’t really shocking or an indication of the decline. I always knew this was the standard level in the ‘diverse’ and ever vibrant communities.

    So this one is almost cheating. Now, when this thing happens in other places, well that is the problem.. and the horror to fight.

    But this is just a Tuesday in diversity land.


  4. Whites just set out cookies and milk for Santa. Blacks hire strippers for him. Well, I guess that is a step up from outright human sacrifice.


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