1. There once was a man from Nantucket
    Had he seen today’s world, he’d say, “Fuck it!”
    But fortunately,
    He died 1933.
    Before white cucks cried fucking buckets.


    1. So I guess there wasn’t a white baby anywhere in the US available for adoption; and no white woman to serve as a surrogate.

      This kind of absurdly ostentatious political correctness is just ridiculous. I ask myself: What kind of white man would want to raise a black child? I cannot imagine doing that.


      1. Ugh, look at that male.

        His body language shows it all: he’s uncomfortable and unsure.
        -doesn’t know where to put hands, so he kind of puts his right one in his pocket and his left one is likely hovering
        -the smile, as if he’s too insecure to be in front of a camera, probably embarrassed by the situation and his general lack of masculine confidence

        Other observations
        -pale as fuck, despite the Fourth of July theme he has little to no tan, which means he spends most of his free time inside, probably watching sports and/or playing video games
        -grown ass man wearing sandals and a cartoon t-shirt

        Are we sure the baby isn’t just a neighbor’s child? (or am I being too hopeful?)


      2. “The type of “man” that sports a teenage mutant ninja turtles tee shirt in his 30s.”

        Have you got no soul?


    2. Damn…he’s got a capitulated look of “I’m just going with it”….or, “She was the only one that said yes.” Notice how apart they are and she’s leaning her hips away from him. He only gets points for the shirt.


      1. She has the hips for it anyway. But a kind of deer-in-the-headlights dumbness gushes forth. Not to mention she was apparently all-in on adopting a black kid. Wanting to nurture vastly different, random genetic material is just plain weird.

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    3. Yes, they are they clearly retarded, but does this also mean that there are possibly two sets of living grandparents that are OK with this? Pretty sad. As to the man, look at him and the outfit he is wearing. That explains a lot about him. Can you imagine an adult man in the 1950s dressed like that?

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    4. what a gork. he’ll be on the hook for more than he knows for this act of PC dorqueness. Hope it was worth it. Will he even get to sleep with that whore now, or will she only schlurp on the babydaddy?


  2. This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper


  3. Ninja Turtle Boy is still “man enough” to be embarrassed. Look at those red cheeks and those flaming red ears. Even this chump knows what is up. Not so much as to do anything about it mind you (the puss). But he knows. In a way, that’s even worse than the blindness of many. He knows he has done wrong and lives to see it every morning.


    1. If this is a “white dad’s worst nightmare” then where did he go wrong? Was it simply that he was/is too weak? Or is he strong, but even the ills of society are stronger? Or perhaps the title is a non-starter, as she never had a father to keep her in line?

      PS. There’s something… off with that Sideshow Bob-looking one.


  4. “White Privilege: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. Enough. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.

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  5. Ugh… I’m sick of this feminine cuck shit, our ancestors conquered and invented! It’s not our damn fault, and to down grade genetics in such a way as cuckolding you pretty much just committed a hate crime against whites, damn traitors white guilt is bull! Doing so is saying white children need not the right to be born = genocide. Lol liberal my ass!!! Brainwashed twit.!


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