1. All these social networks prove is that 90 percent of people will accept or cheer anything rather than upset the herd or old friends online. The other 9 percent will simply not comment. It’s insane. Only the lone looney will stand up to it and is generally unfriended.

    Be that one percent. It is liberating.

    I’m not sure why we don’t refer to libs churchians and Republicans as lemmings looking a cliff. They will surely like their way to slavery oppression and extinction.

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    1. The other day some rich moron I went to college with posted some inane bs about the courage of Bruce Jenner blah blah.you know the usual put words in evil man’s mouth and then argue with the fantasy. He had 30 likes and ten quick comments saying thumbs up or good one etc. I took three sentences to tear him a new one and show how absurd this was. Literally shut the whole post down. Not a peep after it except. ….

      I got three likes.. . From lemmings who originally gave him a thumbs up. But the is establishing the correct opinion of adults. Lemmings

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    1. I’m just wondering how she got the kid. Did this couple adopt? Or did she get knocked up by someone other than her husband? Maybe they met and got married after she already had the kid.

      Inquiring minds would like to know.;


      1. Looks like adoption when you put yourself through the eye-rape of reading those fucking hashtags.


  2. At least it’s adoption and not flat-out cuckoldry. But I’m willing to bet money that this mangina husband agreed to this idea that the wife put out in the first place.


    1. Stealing flags from a cemetery…SJW group-think idiots run amok.
      Ya can’t justify stealing anything from a cemetery, that’s the kind of thing that only worthless skumbags engage in and they should definitely endure a beatdown for this.


  3. I like the “transracialfamily” hashtag. What good is status whoring if no one can find it? Can’t wait for it all to collapse. Then #dayoftherope for these dead ends.


  4. Yeah, I agree. Let’s DO talk about the headband. Gladly.

    It’s by far the least disgusting thing in this picture.


  5. Fast forward to the faces of this couple when that dusky little cherub is a 15 year old 220 lb pissed off water buffalo who can’t stand either one of those weak, whitey goofballs.

    But maybe it really will all work out great…


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