1. How dare you as an adult need proof that you exist in order to vote? Why would a 45 year old man ever need to have an “ID”. It boggles the mind.

    If you cannot see how far off the grid these monkeys are in mind, body, and spirit then this should seal the deal. How do you ever get a job without an ID? Don’t need one.

    How do you ever get on an airplane? Never left my home state since big daddy gov pays for everything.

    College? lol

    Marriage license? lolololol

    Baby born? lol but if you must you can just about put anyone’s name on there without an ID.

    People apparently at one time fought for rights to vote. Now you can’t even be bothered to get a plastic card with your ugly face on it stating your drugged out mama’s goofy name choice for you.

    Go away and die already. There is no shame. No perspective. Just an evil team and a good team whose members mostly still haven’t figured out that the other team is truly evil yet.


  2. I’m offended that you just assume that guy’s white. For all you know he could be trans-black. Check your cis-racial privilege.


  3. There’s a black woman eyeing the cuck as if to wonder ‘is this guy a little nuts’.

    Well yes he is. He’s on the attack actually— and you sister are the cannon fodder.

    I;m fed up with these white anti-whites. The worst kind.


  4. At this point, I’m convinced that it’s all about letting illegal aliens vote. Democrats no longer really need the dead anymore. The potential vote for fraud has skyrocketed in these last few years. Destroying voter ID laws is just one more nail in this country’s coffin.

    I no longer have a country. Even though demographically, the “silently majority” whites still hold the numericy, we’re all but dispossessed already. And the anti-white “progressive” left cheers and calls me a hater.

    I don’t want to live in a Balkinized brown cesspool that will end up looking like Brazil. I guess that makes me a “hater”.


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