1. Nah they are cool with the aids since health care will now mostly cover life time treatments and they can wear it as a badge.

        It still amazes me what parts of the country and what schools can this thing go to without being mercilessly picked on and ostrasized in the extreme. Seriously what other parent would let their little girl hang around this? Or little boy? I’d be concerned that my son/daughter would be abused or brainwashed in much the same way this poor boy was by his “guardians”.

        It’s probably possible because of soo many freaks at this point now. What failure has been inflicted upon the West over the last century.


  1. What a “cuck face” looks like:

    Behind those seemingly joyful eyes, lies quite desperation. His manhood was stripped when he signed that dotted line to take care of a foreigner’s progeny.


    1. well, it’s just a matter of time now… maybe they can marry her off to some uber-omega white-boy with a ‘Hood complex


  2. This shim child will grow up confused and miserable. Very likely with mental issues. May they be directed not at innocents but at his parents and enablers for their sins. To lead a child astray is soulless.

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    1. Macleans has what I call a split-personality – from one issue to the next they’ll careen from left to right wing, I guess trying to please everyone, while in the end appearing opportunistic and amoral.

      Probably reflective of Canadian society in general: trying to be the tough guy (go Habs for example) while opting into every ribbon campaign imaginable. Pathetic.


  3. There is no “Gender Fluidity” to “Navigate” as this magazine says… damn-it! Boys are Boys and Girls are girls – either you got a pecker or you don’t! Anyone, including Bruce M-F-ing Jenner, who says otherwise is a fruitcake and you should keep them away from knives and crowds..

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  4. Was not aware maclean’s was such a blatant propaganda organ. Gender fluidity? Putin making Russia a target for terror? American recovery?
    Live not by lies.


    1. How could you not be aware? Any magazine published on glossy paper and widely distributed (1) is Eskimo controlled and (2) is a propaganda weapon.

      The Eskimos control all wealth; the literally print it. They create the U.S. fiat “paper” (actually, digital) dollar out of thin air, then give it to themselves and their friends for free. Literally no publication has any money to get printed on paper and distributed without Eskimo approval.

      Nothing I just typed is an exaggeration. Start getting this through your skulls. The Eskimos control ALL wealth in the world.

      By printing the paper money that is the world’s standard, they literally steal the actual “wealth” of our labor. Slavery exists today–the 40% of us who actually pay taxes into the system are slaves, or you could call us serfs. Almost none of us (0.00001%) owns our homes. If you have a mortgage, you are a tenant. You do not own that property, and your landlord (or “Lord”) is the Federal Reserve-supported big bank subsidiaries: Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or whatever others are in London. Increasingly, more and more people with supposedly decent incomes (6 figures) are renters not even pretending that a mortgage/promissory note setup is any different. (A large cause of this is the no-fault divorce industrial complex combined with Eskimo media/national conversation control telling our women to get cash-out divorces, after which they get the man’s children, half of his past, current, and future wealth and earnings, and none of the duties of being a wife — which is another weapon in the anti-white arsenal.)

      Related to this, ever look at every single magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store? Even though at least 50% of all the people in line are men nowadays (take a look), all of the magazine are still garbage feminist-lie agitprop, promoting the latest (1) celebrity divorce; (2) misegenation or Sandra Bullock adopting an African; or (3) lately, this “transsexual” thing.

      The reasons 50% of people in the checkout line at the grocery store are men are: (1) many, of course, are single, never married or divorced, having to do their own grocery shopping; or (2) even if married, they are in the this feminist-imperative world where they are trying to be good husbands and they do the shopping at 6:30 or 7 PM after work, on their way home from work, even though they worked all day while their fatass cunt of a wife slept, shopped, or perhaps did an hour of yoga followed by a nap, outing with a friend, etc. (by the way, in these “families”, the man also pays for a weekly maid, so the princess wife does not cook, work, or clean).


  5. What absolutely kills me though, is the fact that many of these fruitbaskets actually get the basic details of how how women should appear right – thin, long hair, makeup, nice outfits, the whole nine yards – basically the way most women appeared in the western world prior to 1970, while actual women, on the other hand, seem to be doing everything in their power not to.

    To recap:

    A dude ^

    A woman ^ (Sadly)

    Kali friggin Yuga.

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    1. “Kali friggin Yuga.”


      It is very very telling how the men trying to be women chose to portray themselves. I’m waiting for the ouroboros to one day come full circle and have a prominent feminist try to shame a male to female transgender (without knowing that’s what they are) for reinforcing gender stereotypes.

      The under brush has gotten very very dry… it’s just waiting for the right spark.


    2. Once I did a Google search to improve my handwriting, something along the lines of “how to make a feminine signature” or something like that. Most of the search results were tranny forums trying to figure out how to write like a woman.


  6. Maclean’s is a disgusting leftist magazine. Putting this child on a national magazine is grossly irresponsible and compromises his long term health for this publicity.

    This borders on child abuse–its exploiting this child’s situation. He has a lot of health and emotional problems ahead of him and this will not help.


  7. PSAs like this are needed because innocent children are picked on. It’s not his fault his “parents” are mentally ill. Mentally ill, you say? Wait until the :33 mark. Poor kid never had a chance.


  8. You know this is a radical if not sick solution. Take him to a gay orgy. Force him to participate as a bottom “woman”. Let him see the filth degenerates practice on one another. Then make him live with tannins in a big city for a week. See how crazy they are. If he still wants to be a girl, he is simply crazy and can be institutionalized for his own good. If he doesn’t his parent can be locked up for child abuse and neglect.

    No child this age does this without trying to impress their parents or give them what they want. For shame on them.


  9. If your son tells you he’s “really a girl”, it must be treated exactly the same way as if he told you he’s “really Napoleon”: Get a butterfly net.


  10. The headline is the astounding thing! This kind of mental disorder allegedly affects less than 0.03% of the population (and that number is likely inflated). Yet reading that cover we are all supposed to suddenly feel our belief in normalcy challenged because some narcissistic boy somewhere wants to dress in girl’s clothes.

    There’s a saying, “Extreme cases make bad law.” In today’s media vomitorium, that could be rephrased, “Extreme perversions make great copy!”


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