1. “Powered by biodiesel”. So recycled sludge of the earth. The Romans saw their empire and military filled with foreigners as the end approached. Eventually germanic and eastern barbarians took over the place and a dark age began. Maybe this is what has to happen in a cycle of time. Or maybe whites are too spread out without any population controls on the rest of the others. We are propping up our own replacements and there is nothing we can do about it now.


    1. That’s the rub. Rome fell to “barbarians” who were equal or superior to those they conquered. Now Whites (and noble Asians like Koreans and Japanese) are dying off and sinking in an ocean of shit. If it keeps going like this, humanity will be sunk in a quagmire that will take millennia to emerge from, if ever.


  2. I relish every story about incompetence and self-destructive social/political engineering in the U.S. military, because it advances the day when “we” become powerless to influence world events. The only downside is, once they all return from overseas, they’ll be enforcing abominations like “Affirmative Fair Housing” and “Refugee Resettlement”.


    1. The only plus side is when it hits the fan the weaker they are the better for normals. These people will leave the military in droves when the money dries out and what’s left will be less competent to fight millions of normals trying to take back or fashion their own nation.

      In 2002 I was this close to signing on and every year since I have been more and more happy I didnt. Four generations of service halted but even my dad thinks it was a just move.


      1. The Army is about 15% female. That ad shows 50%, and they’re not the typical horrible porkers. In the most charitable interpretation, maybe they’re trying to get more guys to join for the (depicted) pussy paradise.


  3. It’s going to be hilarious as shit watching the “kinder, gentler, more diverse” military try to engage armed White gangs in the times to come.


  4. Everybody knows that Sweden’s military was weak against the Russians in Ukraine because they lacked diversity in the 18th century, so Eurabian NATO will probably be more successful today whenever things go hot again with Putin, right?


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