1. In many muslim nations gays would get thrown in jail or probably be killed for selling such stuff, yet the gays – who are an important part of the left – are at war with the Christians, who would never hurt gays in any way.

    Gays, feminists and various liberals have no problems with Islam, they even welcome it. which is completely insane.

    No one is dumber than a liberal.

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    1. “Christians, who would never hurt gays in any way”

      Well, you see, that’s the problem right there. If someone had knocked over that stand and torched those faggot activists, perhaps the scum would think twice about pulling such a stunt.

      Christians honestly need to man up.

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      1. This. It’s wrong to criticize these vermin for pussing out against Muslims. They deserve scorn for shitting on Christianity and Buddhism instead.
        Note that Islam isn’t the only thing they’ve left untouched IB


    2. It’s like women who will treat a nice guy like shit, but lick the asshole of the womanizing jerkboy. I guarantee if the Christians who carried out the Spanish Inquisition were still around these freaks would be kissing Christian ass. Hell, I bet these homo’s would be extremely religious and devoted alter boys.

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  2. The Muhammad Daily Special is only sold on the mobile branch of their business – a windowless van that plays “row, row, row your boat” as it lurches down the streets of suburbia.

    (because he was a pedophile you see)


  3. In a saner world these disordered freaks, who actually compose a truly minuscule segment of the population, wouldn’t even rise to an afterthought in the minds of any member of the general population. They would be ignored and marginalized through ridicule lest their sickness spread.

    However, in YKW world, through the criminal misuse of media, they and their fetishes are magnified to appear much more common than they actually are, according them an outrageously disproportionate effect on our laws, public policy and culture. Just one more way western civilization is poisoned.

    This tiny collection deviants deserve our pity and help. Those using them to destroy your children deserve Torah justice.

    Every time you look behind the wizard’s curtain, it’s always the same people standing there. Always.

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  4. Theres no muhammed special b/c if they pulled that blasphemous shit with them,those towel heads would slash them from ear to waist. Nope they only dare to act like the rude and crude swinging dick in the room with the meek and lowly Christians. However, the one thing they never will escape is Divine justice. God will not be mocked .


  5. I’m not even mad, just… sad and disappointed. Why did I have to be born at a time of such filth, of such moral inversion, of such rotting decay? Why couldn’t I be born at a time when people were actually sane, pious, respectful and dignified?

    …The other day my mom showed me these old postcards and black&white photographs of her mother when she was a child. Anyway, I must have spent a good half-hour just admiring the words written in those postcards. There was such a beautiful simplicity and innocence in the expressions that people used back then… and such humble reverence towards higher authority, too (be that authority God, or an older relative, or a cherished parishioner, etc). It made my heart ache with longing for another era where this was the norm, rather than the exception. Now people always have to be cold, sarcastic and… dismissive, I guess, when speaking to others. Being ironic all the time is “cool”, speaking with sincerity and seriousness is not. Mocking everything that is precious to people and gives their life meaning (be that their faith, their culture, their traditions, their family), is fun and rebelious. Edgy. No one shows respect for anything anymore. No one values the things that elevate Man above beast, because sacrifice is hard and debauchery isn’t. It all makes me sick.

    Sorry for rambling but, this picture really hit me hard. This is one depressing site, but one that needs to exist so people living in the West can wake up to what’s really going on here. Keep it going.

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