Stop, Drop, And Roll Over



    1. Maybe this was just her way of reacting to the new “Jem and the Holograms” movie trailer.
      Like how nerds had their childhoods’ raped by the Star Wars prequels.

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  1. So, the Collective is telling members of a global demographic minority (whites) to be mindful of taking up the lebensraum of non-whites living in white countries? And, the SJW types say that Hitler and the Nazis were fucking crazy for wanting lebensraum? Whatever.

    The script has flipped, and the only people being silenced now are self-respecting whites.

    Non-whites, gays, and women have the privilege of getting most white males, particularly supervisors, removed from their jobs with accusations of racism/sexism/homophobia.

    If the Hivemind had a theme song, it would be something like this:


  2. I bet those racialised students’ collective like to play knock out game too. Hope they like being on the receiving end of the fist.


  3. One of three-an enemy is staying in that room at a hotel, its total bullshit, or its true. The hallway footage would be video gold. If its true, at least she had the balls to say what she really wants instead of all these other moronic girls acting like that’s not what they want.. Too bad her soul needs to get recycled. Along with any piece of shit who even gave serious thought to going there.


  4. “Resist RACISM”

    racism – “Racism consists of ideologies and practices that seek to justify, or cause, the unequal distribution of privileges, rights or goods among different racial groups.”

    “This is a space which prioritizes the voices, needs, comfort, and safety of [certain races]”



      1. This video is more than symbolic.

        Its the White guys who build and maintain the civilization-everyone else is along for the ride.

        Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone is White Genocide. Enough. No more.


    1. That dude right behind the girl is her brother almost certainly. Her family must be so proud. Seriously though, where is the police in this. This is a minimum of two felony for kidnapping/false imprisonment and agg. sexual assault/rape. For all of them including her.
      All of them should be in line for life imprisonment. If they can do this to one their own trash, what do you think they will do when they are older to white/Asian/Hispanic chicks??

      We have bred them to such a fine state of savagery combined with idiocy that it is quite likely that only a purge will correct the process. You cannot fix them at this point. They cannot follow right and wrong because there is no concept of it for them. What is up is down. I work a lot among them in a southern town and the last twenty five years worth of changes have been horrifying. Stealing, assault, gangs are old fashioned white people stuff to them. It’s not wrong to simply shoot somebody for sport or look perplexed when cops arrest them for taking something they found. They run trains all the time and think nothing of how gross or even gay it is. It’s just getting a nut. Women are just hos for using. If you put a kid in them who cares. Since no one sees them as human, their own kids are not seen as anything other than just other things.

      The good blacks that remain become caught in a crossfire of white being scared and withdrawing from them while their own people are not even able to be lived around. It is no wonder they are losing their minds and finding government approved double speak to helpsooth their egos.

      At some point, this country will exile them out of country or to an unwanted area of the country. The only question is whether AMericans will do it or Hispanics/Asians.


  5. I seriously find it hard to believe that we aren’t allowed to hunt these things periodically. Like you do coyotes or something.


    1. they should all be shipped to Africa. then cut off Africa from the human world. this would benefit the human world and also the animals in Africa (lions, cheetahs, zebras).

      of course any libshit who reads this would think I’m crazy evil. what’s sick, however, is that they actually deserve it, and have proven so through billions of cumulative actions, and doing this would be less drastic than when the Soviets would ship innocent freedom fighters to Siberia for the crime of wanting freedom from… from what? .. from the same soviet jew leftism that has created this situation right now — Heartiste twitter erased for the crime of forwarding on an example of leftist madness with a disapproving comment.


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