Flattering The Self-Annihilating

The comments are, naturally, an eight-ball of “you go girl!”. Yes, you go girl, smiling like a lunatic, to your metadeath.



  1. Can we go ahead and start on the future headline now?

    “Husband is Main Suspect in Wife’s Death”
    “Woman Beaten to Death by Abusive Spouse”
    “Man arrested in Stabbing Death of Wife”

    Feel free to add you own.

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    1. ‘Grampa Lampshade’
      Awesome nick! Damn, you beat me to it. We all know, when a coalburner gets tired of her exotic pet and it’s dangerous misbehavior and tries to get away from it, the odds are it will seek her out and you can time the remainder of her life with your watch.
      Google OJ Chimpson. This is the female version of those famous last words ”Hey! Check this out!”:


      1. I’m less outraged at what OJ Simpson did when I take these into account:

        [Goldman, 25, also had an increasingly close relationship with 35-year-old Nicole Brown Simpson, whom he had exercised with, accompanied to dance clubs and often met for coffee and dinner during the past month and a half.

        He told others that he was just friends with Simpson. But he boasted of her stunning good looks and talked about the special kick it gave him to see heads turn when the two of them pulled up in her white Ferrari in front of The Gate, a fashionable West Hollywood dance club, with him behind the wheel.]

        [Born in West Germany, Nicole Simpson worked as a waitress in a Beverly Hills nightclub, the Daisy, where she met O.J. Simpson. She was 18; he was 30. Began living together when she was 19. Married February 2, 1985. Won $433,000 cash settlement and $10,000 monthly child support in their 1992 divorce. According to her sister, Denise Brown, Nicole broke up with O.J. Simpson a week and a half before she died. She also tried to lease her $625,000 townhouse just five months after buying it.]

        “Coffee and dinner” = Friends With Benefits, perhaps?

        I’m also assuming that OJ’s money bought her that house and Ferrari so that she could play “cougar” with some YKW boy toy.

        In this case, “Black man murders white woman” sounds less atrocious, if it is framed more as an incident where “Divorce theft victim delivers sharp karma”. Imagine if Robin Williams did this, instead.


    2. Beat me to it, too. The OP is dated 3 years ago, so I was hoping the headline had already been published. (Actually, printed words wouldn’t sufficiently assuage the disgust I got from viewing that screencap. I was hoping more for an autopsy or crimescene photo.)


  2. White women have disgraced themselves completely. I see this shit on fb from time to time. White women congratulating each other mudsharking. They truly should not be allowed to vote.

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  3. @ Grandpa Lampshade

    I’ve lived and worked in some pretty diverse cities. He looks more like a West African than an African American. In Toronto, Boston and Paris, West Africans are considered a low crime demographic.

    Now, I see his wedding ring, I don’t see hers. He is holding the baby, she is not. She has a rictus grin, narrow eyes without smile lines around the corners of her eyes.

    He’s the one who will be murdered in his sleep.

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  4. If the majority of white people choose to sacrifice themselves on the alter of black supremacy, that is their choice, and loss. The progression of technology (3D-printing, bio-engineering, and the like) is leading towards a decentralization that makes it possible for small, self-interested groups to do what formerly could only be done by governments or large corporations. This, in turn, will allow those of us who despise both organized religion as well as the PC left equally to go our own way and to create our own future independent of the rest of the human race (which is utterly and irredeemably corrupt and degenerate). This is the kind of future we should work towards, those of us inspired equally by the works of Robert Heinlein and Ayn Rand (whom, like me, who feel this stuff in their blood).

    Kurt Vonnegut once said that 90% of everything is crap. All of us in here know that 90% of the human race is crap. Why should anyone in this blog be surprised by any of this stuff posted in here?


  5. True story,

    a few years ago I met a pretty woman, caucasian, blue eyes, nice dark blond long flowing hair, hourglass, we dated for a while, she was really nice, she had a mullato son from some black guy from the Ivory coast who vanished and never paid a cent to help her with raising the kid.

    But the reason i am saying this is that one days she told me ( going from memory here it was a few years ago); ” I love my son, but I am very much annoyed by the fact he does not look like me in any way, I have blue eyes, he has brown eyes, I have long flowing hair , he has velcro like hair, I have a cute nose, he has a big wide nose, I have a nice mouth with nice lips, he does not have my mouth, he has nothing from me, even his hands and fingers look noyhih like mine, he has nothing that looks like me, I love him but I hate that he looks nothing like me.”

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    1. What the fuck was she expecting her kid to look like? Zac Efron?

      I hope you dumped her ass though. Any white woman with a caramel child is just a whackjob parasite looking for a host.

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  6. I see tEEth.

    Nothing good can ever come of…tEEth.

    I was about to dismiss this because I see no reason to hate on people in such a knee-jerk manner, but once I read the Facebook bullshit, this turned into utter scorn.



  7. They better hope the kid never needs a donor organ — a tissue match is virtually impossible. She has that brain dead look. All the commenters saying the kid is cute are liars.

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  8. When the final role is called and we’re all held to account to our actions, blacks and others forcibly removed to their homelands, these white women should be shipped to Africa too and forcibly made to endure the consequences of their actions. If a black man is good enough to father your children, then its good enough he support you and the children too, or not as the case may be. But never should whites be forced to subsidize this genocidal cunt.

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  9. The best way to guarantee the women in your life don’t grow up to do this is to always have a healthy, almost snobbish disdain for darkies. Not outright racism, because the indoctrination of the culture will reflex at this in her, but a mere jokingly held “we are so much above them” position. Girls instinctively drawback from outright low status if it is built into their consciousness.

    The second best way is allow them to see from a young age urban areas and watch real news.
    Take them on a trip to Africa if you must and refuse to stay in tourist hotels. Sure REAL stuff might actually happen, but in many ways it’s preferable to losing her to be nagger sluts and their future spawns’ babysitters. Heck if you make it through alive, you can be 100% certain you’ll never have to worry about it again. Just remember mission trips to pansy fake ville don’t count.

    If your women’s first instinct when encountering a nog is one of pity at an inferior mongrel, you have a chance but are still open to liberal waffling. If their first response instead is that they are basically invisible or to be completely avoided at all costs, you’ve won.

    Good job Dad, Husband, Brother!!!!!


  10. Saw this exact scene at grocery store yesterday. Very tall, beautiful, blue-eyed Northern European HB9 (easily) with exact same husband and nappy haired weird looking kid.

    It’s happening a lot. The Jews are winning. It is not isolated. I see it every time I go anywhere in my city.

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    1. true assessment. just think how there were literally hundreds of perfectly good beta (or even lower alpha) white men who hit on her during her life — she rejected them. any one of them would have created smart white children, been loyal husbands, not even cheated on her, good fathers… continuing our minority (whites) existence on this planet. nope….she had to let that thing father her children. she disgraces her parents and grandparents.

      this particular fellow seems like a nice chap… perhaps he will be a supportive father.

      our outrage here remains, nevertheless, valid. let him father his own kind — that woman owed society at least 2 white children.

      she is literally a traitor.


  11. Hey daughter-do me a favor. Take the heritage, bloodline, culture, and traditions you’ve inherited from generation after generation and throw them in the shitcan so you can get your rocks off fucking the help. Ace.

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  12. That woman looks mentally disabled. Throw in the manjaw and and the five head I have to conclude that her vibrant mate got the short end of the stick here. No worries. He’ll no doubt be working very hard to rectify this by banging plenty of other women on the side.


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