She’d Have To Get Pregnant First

The bottom of the sign must be Morse code for “or I show my tits”.



  1. As a Veteran, I’d like to take a moment to say: This is not the “freedom” I fought for, this is no longer the country I choose to defend, and the ideas that the USA was founded on (the same ones that made her great, at one time) are NO LONGER in effect. Due to this “Fundamental Transformation,” I have no remorse in rejecting the oath I swore to this Nation… I am NOT saying I won’t fight, but if my service is ONLY to promote she-males like THIS BITCH, then, I’ll just enjoy my new masters when they invade; I won’t serve them either!

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  2. These demonic freaks and their pet fetishes and causes are, in reality, a minuscule segment of the total population — a laughably tiny minority.

    Nevertheless, the dominant corporate media does everything it can to make them appear not only far more numerous than they actually are but far more righteous than you are.

    Why? Ask yourself who controls this media and you’ll have your answer.

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  3. Well, it looks like those shitheads at Twitter have finally suspended Heartiste’s account.


    Anyway, that looks like Drew Carey’s head transplanted onto Lena Dunham’s body.

    Kill it with fire.

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    1. When the future historian write about the demise of Western Civilization they will not be kind to the media or it’s owners.


  4. Its no wonder she loves killing babies. She clearly hates herself and who she is. Its evident through how she present herself. Without admitting it, she probably wishes her mother had committed infanticide on her while she was still in the womb.

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  5. Healthy women incubate life, nurture it, and bring it forth.

    ‘Lean In’ and contribute to this?? NO WAY. NO. My only question: What can I do to actively STOP this involuntary subsidization of a parasitic system that is destroying my freedom and interests: economically, racially, personally?

    WE are not on board with this, do not consent, and will not be co-operating. In the endlessly coercive, politicized environment we have, the disconnect, rejection and resistance will be subtle. It is very real. What part of NO don’t they understand?

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      1. You can fight by supporting the pro-life campaign in Ireland (where abortion is still illegal), to protect the rights of the unborn in that country. America has already jumped the shark on that issue. Irish girls are obsessed with Americans, and the two cultures are compatible. It’s probably cuckholding Irish culture by saying this but the occasional Irish girl is just about still marriageable (of course, it’s better than being cuckolded by the incoming swarm of vibrants). This can be one of the few last bastions of western culture, and you could flit back and forth with your dual passport, and vote to keep Ireland Irish, as well as have an extra voter to vote for your objectives in the US. Anyway, you could always support the Irish pro-life cause on principle.

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    1. Start your own blog and help us expose it. When you see them in public, get in their face and call them out. Whenever I see a mixed race couple, I say to the White as they pass by: Race Traitor.”


  6. these morons want the government out of their privates except when they want stuff for free. i think any desperate idiot who has sex with that monster should be “aborted”


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