1. To the left, a self imposed genocide is being on the right side of history.

    How can anybody be that messed up in the head I don’t know but that is what we have now; tens of millions of white people celebrating their demise.

    It has never been seen in human history before that a people voluntarily wants its race own to be replaced.


    1. “It has never been seen in human history before that a people voluntarily wants its race own to be replaced.”

      It has never been seen in human history before a people that is victim of so much (and more and more) anti-white propaganda from the cradle to the grave ; that is a victim of mental manipulation techniques ; that is physically, mentally and spiritually intoxicated permanently ; that has no longer any culture of its own ; that has passed from a patriarchal to a matriarchal kind of “society” due to the vicious ans “behind the stage” empowerment of females, Jews and lower “social classes” ; that is now under the control of alien elements since it has been victim of an appropriation of his country by subversive forces acting behind the scenes, etc.
      Those who think that what is currently happening is currently happening because it has to happen, because this the “tropism”, the direction of “History”, are mere useful idiots “brainwashed” by the liberal-marxist propaganda and worldview, itself being a “secularized” form of the judeo-christian worldview, with its fatalistic linearity of “History”. What is currently happening is currently happening for the simple reason that what has been called the “West” during the so-called “Middle Ages” was gradually infected by Negro-Asian elements, physically, mentaly and spiritually, and that the Jews, females and other race-mixed and feminine “men” are currently in power and finalizing their destruction of the white race.

      When you have a bit of common sense, the first part you are aiming at, before shooting an enemy, is the head, and this head is http://thezog.info/ and Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, Goldsmid, Mocatta, Montefiore, Sassoon, Warburg, Samuel, Kadoorie, Franklin, Worms, Stern and Cohen families. The rest is mere intelectual masturbation and whining.


      1. Zionists are members of the synagogue of Satan. Since they want to raise hell, they have to destroy good-natured people. Once they are destroyed, the surviving r-selected nations over whom they’d rule will hate each other like never before. Everyone’s love will grow colder until this world becomes exclusively evil.


  2. A lot of MSM outlets are proudly trumpeting the precipitous decline in Irish church attendance as a determining factor in the referendum’s outcome. The narrative being pushed is something to the effect of:

    “Even those poor Irish, suffering under the yoke of Christian oppression, have thrown off their shackles and joined the march into our glorious and utterly inevitable pozloaded future. Join them and submit to Baphomet.”

    The elephant in the room that the U.S. media dare not mention is the rest of Europe. If Catholic Ireland is voting “Yes” on gay marriage, then by extrapolation, the libertine and socialist French should have voted it in unanimously 25 years ago, and the officially atheist countries of the FSU would have made it mandatory (“Glorious hole for Stalin, comrade!”).

    Yet, we find the state of affairs in these countries to be precisely the opposite. There was a massive swell of popular resistance in France (millions of protesters hitting the streets to oppose), and the FSU countries have been by and large de-pozzing themselves with religious fervor (both metaphorically AND literally).

    In the aforementioned, we have two important takeaways:
    1. Prior exposure to the ravages of leftism leads to a sort of “cultural immunity” developing over time. All the countries exposed to hardcore leftism in the past, have now, knowing the true wages of leftoidism, shifted hard to the right. All of the countries that were effectively shielded from it have grown soft and senile, and are now prancing down the primrose path to politburo perdition.

    In the 20th century, the Ukraine bore the brunt of the worst the Bolsheviks had to offer.
    Today, they have the Azov battalion:

    Ireland, on the other hand, was largely sheltered from this by Catholic culture and (for the most part) non participation in both WWII and the Cold War.
    Today, they have Mr. Panti Bliss:

    —Goodbye, Ireland (in a photo)—

    2. The MSM are constantly beating the “right side of history” drum on this issue, in a concerted and deliberate effort to demoralize and neutralize any points of resistance. They are all too happy to use Ireland as Exhibit A in their argument that Resistance is Futile™. Deny them that chance by pointing to Russia, France, and other counterexamples that stop the narrative dead in its tracks. Heartiste has always pointed out the value of Counterpropaganda (COPROP) in the ongoing struggle against Leviathan, and this is a good point to use for that purpose.

    Comment-ready sound bites include:

    -“The Soviets already attempted to destroy marriage, how’d that work out for them?”

    -“Yet, when over a million in France turn out on the streets to oppose it, what do we hear? *crickets* ”

    Here is another good point, that can be used in conjunction:

    -“I guess, by “Right Side of History”, you mean millions upon millions of dollars worth of financial and media support, right?”

    I strongly encourage you to develop snappy COPROP lines of your own, and hit every related article you can with them.


  3. Encouraging degeneracy, one comment at a time:

    “Some of us are brave enough to be who we were meant to be”
    “slaay hunni”


      1. A faggot travestying itself and being encouraged to do by a pack of scums. In fact, its degeneration could with no doubt be explained by the fact that it is a to a certain degree.


    1. Jeff Price loves a perfect hairline….er, Jeff Price can evaluate and determine a perfect hairline!


      1. This video is very true and sad. And one more time, it does confirm pefectly that women, whatever their race, they are much closer, from a mental and spiritual standpoint, to the colored people than to the white ones. Now that they are “emancipated” (sic), this is constantly verifiable.


      1. “amazing poetry by the original warrior poets, the Afghans.

        God be with you always my friend, good video.”

        “All songs in this video are better than US pop 10, will try to search for full versions. that said, I wish Jihadists would fight along side Assad against Zionist criminals”

        I’m all about juice hate as well, but these idiot are so gone it’s amazing to watch. Keep in mind all of the comments are in English and all of them think the shrieking goat fikkin butchery of music is “beautiful”

        It is inevitable that these people (by the hundreds of millions) will never see past their own pig sty of a worldview. They will bring it here and to Europe while thinking that they are perfectly reasonable civilized human beings. Curdling fart music paying tribute to poetic terrorists and the non-compassion of their diety is like us listening to Pavorotti or Mozart.

        You cannot make others one of you by simply bringing them to your country and giving them McDonalds. They will simply overrun everything. This world will be an unpleasant place in 50 years.

        Hope that clears it up.


      2. Most of the commentators are muslims, so do not worry to much about them.
        To be “antisemite” is not the same thing that being “antizionist”. Antizionism (like zionism) is not antisemitism and is a diversion created by the Jews. All the Jews who count (in all meanings of the term) live outside of israel, that is a small piece of dry land in the Middle “East”. Furthermore, the israeli-palestinian conflit is an intra-semitic conflict that does not concern the white peoples and, if power was to be regained, it would be sufficient to stop all relations with this country (israel), to ensure its quick collapse, since it only persisted from the beginning by the tremendous helps granted by the “West” (including the hundreds of billions of dollars given to that parasitic country).

        The comment about jihadists and Assad is inane given that the jihadist of the Al-Nosra Front are backed by Israel, inter alia, and that islamists, far from being opposant to the so-called “New World Order (sic)”, are only mere pawns used by it. One of its goal is one more time distration: while “westerners” have the eyes turned to Africa and Asia by watching what the subversive Media show, that is, among other things, violent islamic terrorism, they are distracted of the creeping invasion and islamization of the “West”.

        Mozart’s music is freemasonic music, so no thank: freemasons-freemasonry (dot) com/mozart_freemasonry.html

        The non-compassion of their deity (in fact they call it “The Most Compassionate”) is from a spiritual standpoint a positive thing, but only if it is devoid of any cruelty, what is not the case in this second Judaism for goyim. It is positive because any kind of feeling is only a mere psychic product and so is not at all spiritual.

        Beauty and refinement are not expected from a virile standipoint, see “Tyrtaeus poetry”.

        This world will be a Negro-Asian and Judeo-Islamic place in fifty years.


  4. This reminds of self-flagellation. Seems people *want* to feel guilty about something and enjoy punishing themselves as a result.

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      1. Aryanist, I am hard core RC and I can assure you I feel less than 0 guilt for anything pertaining to the Church, faith, or history. Almost excessive pride is a more apt descriptor.


      2. I was raised a Catholic, but I tend to behave more like a deist or agnostic. My sympathies lie with the Christian tradcons either way.

        And, Christ was no fan of Bernankifying, usurious “money changers”.


      3. English is not my native language and I do not know what “RC” means, but I guess it is “Religious Conservative”?
        You cannot deny that the doctrine of sin (that all men are born sinners who should redeem themselves, including by “punishing themselves”) is at the core of Christianity and that it has had catastrophic effects on those (the Whites) who were taught this insanity from the craddle to the grave. The guiltiness was considered by the pre-christian white world as a repugnant feeling, as the rest of the lowering feelings and, to a fuller extent and for the bests, as all the feelings. “Religions” based on feelings, devotion, morality and faith were unknown to the “Aryan” peoples and are a product of a lower experience of “spirituality”, a lunar, feminine one, that is to be found especially among the Semites. In fact, one cannot even speak of “spirituality” since these religions are psychic products. What was important for them was the simple respect of (public and private) rituals, which were not mere ceremonies like in abrahamism but a form of action to enter in communion with supra-natural forces, of a spiritual nature. This is precisely what the roman archaic “mos majorum” was, a virile and solar cult, until semitic elements destroyed it step by step. The best example of this is that the old Roman Patricians granted less their military victories to their inner qualities, their excellent organization, their skills, the quality of their armament and fighting technics than to their respect of rituals, and the cause of a defeat or a victory was to be found primarily in the last. Moreover, the wars were experienced as being deeply sacred and spiritual experiences and from the beginning (even before the beginning) to the end of them, they were to be conducted according to specific rituals and following special rules, in a certain manner. One of these rituals, that was not “mandatory”, was called “devotio”. “According to the ancient Roman ritual of devotio, as we understand it, a warrior, and above all a chieftain, can facilitate victory by means of a mysterious unleashing of forces determined by the deliberate sacrifice of his own person, combined with the will not to come out of the fray alive. Let us recall the execution of this ritual by Consul Decius in the war against the Latins (340 B.C.), and also the repetition of it – exalted by Cicero (Fin. II, 19, 61; Tusc. I, 37, 39) – by two other members of the same family. This ritual had its own precise ceremony, testifying to the perfect knowledge and lucidity of this heroic-sacrificial offer. In proper hierarchical order, first the Olympian divinities of the Roman State, Janus, Jupiter, Quirinus, and then, immediately following this, the God of war, Pater Mars, and then, finally, certain indigenous gods, were invoked: “gods – it is said – which confer power to heroes over their enemies”; by the virtue of the sacrifice which these ancient Romans proposed to perform the gods were called upon “to grant strength and victory to the Roman people of the Quirites, and to sweep up with terror, fright and death the enemies of our people” (cf. Livy, VIII, 9). Proposed by the pontifex, the words of this formula were uttered by the warrior, arrayed in the praetesta, his foot upon a javelin. After that he plunged into the fray, to die. Incidentally, here the transformation of the sense of the word ‘devotio’ must be noticed. While it applied originally to this order of ideas, that is, to a heroic, sacrificial and evocative action, in the later Empire it came to mean simply the fidelity of the citizen and his scrupulosity in payment to the State treasury (devotio rei annonariaei. As Bouché-Leclercq” puts it, in the end, “after Caesar was replaced by the Christian God, devotio means simply religiosity, the faith ready for all sacrifices, and then, in a further degeneration of the expression, devotion in the common sense of the word, that is, constant concern for salvation, affirmed in a meticulous and tremulous practice of the cult”. Leaving this aside in the ancient Roman devotio we find, as we have shown, very precise signs of a mysticism aware of heroism and of sacrifice, binding the feeling of a super-natural and super-human reality tightly to the will to struggle with dedication in the name of one’s own Chieftain, one’s own State and one’s own race. There are plenty of testimonies to an ‘Olympian’ feeling of combat and victory peculiar to our ancient traditions. We have discussed this extensively elsewhere. Let us only recall here that in the ceremony of the triumph the victorious dux displayed in Rome the insignia of the Olympian god to indicate the real force within him which had brought about his victory; let us recall also that beyond the mortal Caesar Romanity worshipped Caesar as ‘perennial victor’, that is, as a sort of supra-personal force of Roman destiny.

        Thus, if succeeding times have made other views prevail the most ancient traditions still show us that the ideal of an Olympian ‘heroism’ has been our ideal also, and that our people also have experienced the absolute offering, the consummation of a whole existence in a force hurled against the enemy in a gesture which justifies the most complete evocation of abysmal forces; and which brings about, finally, a victory which transforms the victors and enables their participation in supra-personal and ‘fatal’ powers. And so in our heritage points of reference are indicated which stand in radical opposition to the sub-personal and collectivist heroism we discussed above, and not only to that, but to every tragic and irrational vision, which ignores what is stronger than fire and iron, and stronger than life and death.” (*)

        It was the same for the Spartans, another heroic Nordic people.

        As to wicca, odinism and the like, they are ersatz of Christianity and mere fantasies to satisfy the imagination of some romantics.

        Now, look what happened due to the spiritual and mental emasculation caused by the first judaism for goyim.

        (*) “Metaphysics of War”, JULIUS EVOLA.


      4. In the quotation, there is a confusion between ceremony and ritual, the word “ceremony” must in fact be replaced by “ritual”.


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