1. She’s not posting because she learned a lesson— or stands for something now.

    But because her experience has ‘earned’ her attention. And she wants some now.

    Attention that is. Not a lesson.

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    1. You are right, she is only a stupid attention whore. When you are mentally sane, you do not share this kind of picture on facebook except if you are an attention whore.

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    1. I am guessing we will start to see a few Jews pushing against the modern left in the near future. Now that the modern left is actually attacking Israel and supporting Hezbollah etc…you can see some Jews shaking in their boots. Jerry Seinfeld the other day was questioning PC on national TV…dirty cock scker Bill Maher has started to defend free speech (white pov) just a teensy bit. Only for their own tribe and interest but it will happen just watch.

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    1. The unfortunate product of the technological advancement of man. Even just 100 years ago this faggot would stand no chance of finding a mate, or making a living at anything other than a hair dresser or male nanny.

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  2. The funny thing about feminism is that pretty much everything it complains about, black ghetto thugs do more often. But feminists will NEVER admit this. They’re firmly seated on The Right Side of History┬«.

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  3. That is poetic justice! That whore learned the perils of the “team black guys.” She learned her lesson the hard way. No white man in his right mind would take her now.


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