1. Cuckophobia stops you from being cucked, while cuckoldry is a genetic black hole, so only the sick among the men, support their own cuckoldry.

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  1. Holy shit, good catch.

    Sadly, I don’t think White youth need much encouraging.

    Troll the shit out of those motherfuckers.

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  2. This one is particularly subtle and vicious. What is vicious with this process is that it affects the subconcious without the acknowledgement of the victim.
    This website is in french but you have a lot of subliminal images shown, including some from the cartoons of the freemason Walt Disney, whose cartoon “Pinocchio” contains an “esoteric” teaching.

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      1. His song “The Future” lays it out very clearly as well. The best English Language poet the Jews ever produced (fuck Ginsberg) is also addicted to telling the truth. He’s one of the small few of his race that I respect.


      2. “He’s one of the small few of his race that I respect.”

        John Milius seemed to be one of the good ones.


      3. Jews are NOT a race, they are the contrary of it. jews are from the racial mixing of a lot of racially different peoples. To speak of race is giving them a honor they do not deserve and is highly detrimental to what is called “antisemitism”.


    1. Just a coincidence. Just like it is just a coincidence that Jews dominate the porn industry, and banking (see the connection with those?), and just a coincidence that Jews happened to push for war with Germany throughout the 1930s (and it happened in 1939). Merely all coincidences, just like it is a coincidence that when it rains, clouds happen to be around.


  3. The long-term fate of white politicians that pander to the diversity and unrestricted immigration vote….


  4. Are you sure it’s just anti-white cuckoldry…or more latent propaganda encouraging girls to not have children and instead be the grrl power who exerts fascist control over everybody (especially men).

    I watched some of the videos on youtube…it looked more like ‘Bella the teenage feminist’ with her matriarchal control over the black kid, Jewish kid with a bad Texas accent, and scrawny white kid.


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