1. If our Marines on Iwo Jima in 1945 could have seen what their grandchildren were going to become, they would have defected to the Imperial Japanese Army…

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been looking for this Tom Lea art with the caption: “If I knew this would have happened, I’d have fought for the Japanese instead.”


    1. Pedobear to the rescue!

      Couldn’t these guys just go south of Oregon to the Asian settlements in California and have a better time at a massage parlor?


  2. Apparently this is a burgeoning industry. We have
    the snuggery http://www.thesnuggery.org/index.html
    as well as the event above, and other similar businesses or events. While some folks can see some deep significance in these social tea leaves, I take them as exemplary of the types of businesses that women will create when left to their own devices. The opportunity cost of getting women into “business” and out of the home and raising children then quickly becomes apparent.


  3. Is that Carlos Danger to the left — I think so! . So it looks like Anthony Weiner was also into cuddle therapy among other things.


  4. Not sure I see what’s so horrible about this. A lot of people are totally without any human-to-human physical contact. Like most husbands married more than ten years. Har! But seriously folks: no spouse, no SO, no close friend, no nothing.


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